Hyper Focused: Can Weed Make You More Productive?

For years, culture has vilified those who use cannabis as rudderless slugs who care about little except satisfying their munchies. However, the recent Farm Bill legalizing CBD has brought that part of cannabis use into the light. Additionally, research coming out of states that have chosen to legalize cannabis, particularly THC products, indicates that weed can improve focus, improve quality of life, and increase productivity.

Occasional Weed Use Can Make You More Cheerful

Cheerful people get more done with less fuss. If you have a terrific method of stress relief when you need it, you can tackle challenging tasks with more hope and energy. In states such as California and Colorado, studies indicate that occasional cannabis users

  • earn more money
  • have Masters degrees
  • are at less risk of burnout

Employers need to be aware that workers who have a release from a high stress job may be ideally placed to successfully navigate the toughest days with the chance to disconnect and release when they get home.

Cannabis Boosts Creativity

Too often, creativity is thought of as the ability to generate a result. If you are a creative painter, you generate beautiful canvases. However, creativity can also refer to

  • managing tight schedules
  • getting along with folks from all walks of life
  • adapting quickly when things go wrong

Cannabis users who experience psychotomimetic symptoms learn to make connections among unrelated concepts to generate new ideas. This is critically important to creative thinkers, those who use old objects for new results, and those who can take old data and generate new comparisons.

Dosage Matters When Boosting Memory

Studies regarding cannabis use and memory retention indicate that small doses of cannabis can help those with memory problems maintain thoughts in short term memory and transfer the concepts into long term storage for recall. For those with conditions that specifically miss that transference, the data indicates that small amounts of THC can reopen passageways for memories to move. Of course, more data is needed.

Cannabis and Focus

Many cannabis users find that it allows them to shed anxious thoughts. For those who use CBD for anxiety, insomnia and even depression, it’s important to note that many of these dosages are also considered to be used as a sleeping aid. For those who want the benefits of CBD products without the sleepiness, microdosing with either CBD or THC offers an interesting option.

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing can be done in a variety of ways. For example, if a CBD user takes CBD under the tongue to help reduce anxious thoughts before bed, they may try a microdose, such as a puff from a vaping pen, when they sit down to focus on a particular task. Again, the CBD can reduce the “hamster wheel” of anxious thoughts that limit focus, and the microdose lessens the risk of causing sleepiness.

THC, or tetrahydrocannabinol, is the product in cannabis that generates euphoria. Some users find that cannabis from sativa strains cause them to be energized or agitated, while the indica variety of cannabis causes relaxation or lethargy. A new user might try microdosing to determine how they react to the product, the intensity of their reaction, and changes they need to make to their dosage.

One of the big challenges that cannabis users find is that the stereotypes are common, but the reaction of users to any cannabis product is actually quite personal. If a friend finds one hybrid variety to be very soothing but you feel extremely energized after use, you may have found your daytime cannabis. Consider keeping a journal to track your dosage and reaction so you can find the products that work best for you.