Hydroponics Lights: The Best Hydroponic Lights for Your Indoor Garden


Getting the light source is the initial step towards making an indoor garden. No matter whether you are using a bright window, a small fluorescent light, or any powerful high-intensity discharge grow light and this is the most important consideration. Without proper lighting, your indoor garden wouldn’t be completed. Here is a list of the hydroponic lights that are best to use in the indoor garden.


  • High Intensity Grow Lights

Indoor gardens are away from the natural sunlight. If you want to grow the plant, you have to replace the natural sunlight with artificial light. High-intensity lights are perfect for this job. These are available in 300W, 400W, 600W, 800W, and 1600W LED lighting panels. These lights are perfect for the vegetation and flower switches with a flowering area that will cover 2 to 3 feet. If you want more light, you can connect these panels with metal connectors together.


  • Electric Sky LED Grow Light

Electric sky LED grow light is wideband and full-spectrum light that comes with a promise to properly grow the veg and high flower yield. This light will fit rightly with the small spaces and areas that are sensitive to heat. One light will easily provide a flowering area of coverage with 2 to 4 feet. There is no need to wear goggles to observe the true colour of the plant as this light comes with that feature.


  • Hydroplanet Fluorescent Grow Light

The hydroplanet fluorescent grows light has 4 feet and contains 8 6500K grow bulbs which will provide an intense daylight type of lighting for the plants. This kind of light fixture will not house any LED bulbs and this can be easily operated horizontally or vertically according to your own way. This light mainly operates with dual switch power control and it comes with a 15 feet power cable.


  • LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights are available in different features. These are including 100W, 200W, 400W, and 600W. They mainly contain 100W Cree LEDs which will provide warm, full-spectrum 3500K light within a certain wavelength. This kind of light is perfect for the growth of vegetables, flowers, and herbs altogether.


  • 1500W Grow Light

There are a number of grow lights available in a different capacity. Starting from 100W, these are available in 600w. They are designed to provide warmth with the perfect wavelength to the plants. These kinds of lights are perfect for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers.


  • Golspark LED Lights

Golspark LED lights come with amazing features and they come with veg and bloom switches by which you can easily turn on the blue and white LED, the red and white LED or you can use both the switches at once for all the spectrum of light. This light system comes with its own cooling system that consists of two high-speed cooling fans and they all are built-in aluminium heat sinks which will effectively dissipate the heat from the lamps and in this way, it will increase the life span.


  • King Plus Lights

King plus lights come with full-spectrum red, blue, and yellow UV lights by which your plants can easily get the closest thing that they mainly absorb from natural sunlight. This light system comes with outstanding LEDs that mainly make all these things to make a plant-friendly environment. It also comes with additional hooks and 6 feet power cable. Accumulating all these things, it will be really a great investment to provide accurate lighting solutions to the indoor plants.


  • LED Dual-Headed Clippable Grow Light

These lights can be easily clamped to any desk or shelf. They are designed for providing red, blue, or purple light to the flowering and vegetable plants. This light requires very low voltage and it can be easily charged with the USB power adapter, power bank, or computer. If you have a tiny desk plant, this growing light will surely come with a fantastic addition to the plants and to your desk. So, you can easily get these two benefits after installing this light. Also, there are hydroponic lights Australia available to meet your needs. Just visit and find out the right light for your indoor plants.


  • Simple LED Grow Light

These kinds of LED lights come with the right kind of features and they can be easily connected with the USB plug. So, in this way, it can be easily charged with the help of a power adaptor or computer. This light has two-way timers that allow the users to set the right time for lighting their plants. They can either switch on them for 24 hours or can off for the entire day.



Indoor plants need a proper lighting system and without that, they can’t be survived. So, while choosing these lighting systems for your indoor plants, make sure that they are meeting the lighting requirements of the plant properly with Hydroponic Lights.


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