Hunting in Australia and the Importance of Using the Nightforce SHV and Other Rifle Accessories

When it comes to big game hunting, Australia is a renowned and sought-after haven for recreational hunters all around the world. While hunting laws vary across states depending on various factors, hunting varmints is considered standard in pretty much all states. Hunting, recreational or otherwise, contributes to a significant share of Australia’s yearly income.

This is also the reason why there are many gun shops in the country, where you can find the best rifles and accessories, like the Nightforce SHV and Nightforce rings Australia has to offer. 

Hunting in Australia

Several millions of years ago, tectonic movements caused the landmass that is Australia to isolate from the rest of the terrestrial world. This resulted in the country’s ecological niches being filled by a group of mammals that are rarely found elsewhere in the world. Marsupials thrived in the Australian subcontinent for the longest time, coexisting alongside humans, until European settlers introduced several animals into the Australian biome.

Generally speaking, the eco-biological richness of this country makes it one of the best places for outdoor hunting.

Tracing the Roots of Hunting in Australia

There is a distinct history of hunting when it comes to Australia. The country’s huge landmass is home to different ecological systems teeming great diversity in terms of existing flora and fauna that have thrived for thousands of years. And, civilisations were formed by harnessing these natural resources. Apart from the highly popular boomerang, Australian aboriginals had several other tools at their disposal when it came to hunting. 

Gradually, field and game hunting took priority, and several checks had to be made for the preservation of rapidly diminishing species, leading to legislation and clear outlined laws related to hunting. 

Some newly introduced animals were considered to be varmints because they interrupt the natural ecology. The hunting of feral species of dogs, pigs, and goats is fairly common, as well as that of the occasional fox or hares. Rabbits were regarded as highly invasive species, which became a popular quarry for small game hunting.

Aside from varmints, there are several other options for hunters. When it comes to what is generally considered a big game, Australia has excellent choices deers, including the hog deer, red deer, fallow, sambar, rusa, and chital

Basic Hunting Tips

To be a successful modern recreational hunter, you do not need to rely solely on instincts as much as our hunter-gatherer forefathers had to. You should invest in high-quality hunting gear to get that edge during the hunt. There is no shortage of one-stop shops for all your firearms and accessories in Australia. As previously mentioned, the country has many hunting shops that cater not only for farmers and cattle rearers but also for recreational hunters and professional sports shooters. 

Aside from your trusty rifle and bullets, let’s take a look at some good firearm accessories that can set you apart from the others on the field. 

Nightforce SHV

The Nightforce SHV is an excellent riflescope that should go along with your rifle. Nightforce has a great reputation for manufacturing optical enhancers in the industry, and the SHV delivers in that regard. The excellent quality glass provides you with a very clear image of your target, without ever compromising on brightness. In the right environment, the Nightforce SHV can give you a high level of shooting accuracy even if your target is 1,000 yards away. 

Scope Rings 

Scope rings can help you attain greater levels of accuracy in your hunting expeditions. In fact, you cannot attach your scope without this piece. 

Other Nightforce Riflescopes

Aside from the SHV, there are also other good rifle scopes that you can choose, such as the Nightforce NXS and the Nightforce NX8 Australia gun shops sell. These are compact, highly functional, and easily compatible sets of scopes that are made for optimised shooting. However, the scope that you should choose should fit your skill level, so do your research first before buying.


Whether you are into recreational hunting or want to join shooting competitions, it is a must to have the best rifle and accessories. After all, having the right equipment improves your skills and gives you the best chances of success!


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