Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date will be Announced

Hunter x Hunter is a Japanese manga series starring Nippon animation producer, Kazuhiro Frohashi as director, and Yoshihiro Togashi as a writer. Here are all the updates about Season 7.

It was published in 1998, and since 2006, the manga has taken a break. There are two different anime adaptations of Togashi’s original manga series. The first aired in October 1999, and the second aired in October 2011 and is divided into six seasons, each with a different story.

The story tells of a boy named Gon Frex who was told that his parents had died. Now know that his father is alive, but he left him when Gone was a child. Gone’s father is a world-renowned hunter. So Gone decided to become a hunter and find his father. On the journey, he meets many other hunters and encounters many unusual things. Hunter x Hunter was a huge success and became the best-selling series of manga in 2019 with 78 million copies.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release

Hunter x Hunter Season 6 was released on July 8, 2014, with 12 episodes. It was taken from the 13th Hunter Chairman Election of the Manga series. Mad House Studios created the series with the help of Hiroshi Kojima, the director’s team. Viewers loved the series and were looking forward to next season, but no official announcement has been made yet. However, in February 2021, actor Megumi Han, who played Gone, and Maria, who played Kalwa, were teasing fans about the upcoming Hunter x Hunter Season 7 Release Date project. Since then, viewers have been hoping for some series on Hunter X Hunter.

Togashi Mangaka, a well-known actor for his short break in the manga ‘Hunter X Hunter’, has confirmed the expectation of another season in a statement. Season 6 ends with Gone climbing the World Tree, and there he meets his father. The main purpose of the anime was to find Gone’s father and reveal him to Gone. The end of ’13 Hunter Chairman Election ‘was a good place to stop for anime.

Expected story plot

The anime series has not yet covered all the volumes of the manga so the next series can be assumed. And the creators and authors of the anime can pick up the story from where they left off in season 6. Season 6 ended, and Gone found his father. Season 7 is likely to see Gone looking for his father or Dark Continent. Isaac Netaro’s son can visit the dark continent. This may surprise the money, who did not know Isaac’s son. Korapika could be the supervisor of the 289th hunter’s test.

Expected cast

Expected cast sound of ‘Hunter X Hunter’ who continues to use his voice in season 7

The voice of Megumi Han for Gon Freecs, the voice of Mariya Ise for Killua Zoldyck, the Japanese production can use the same for their voice use. English dubs can also have the same actors for their voices. However, there may be some additional new characters and their voices.  The cast we can watch again in Season 7 is Gon Freecs, Killua, Gon’s father Kite (who told Gon about his father), another friend of Gon’s. Many new characters can be added.

What to expect from Hunter x Hunter Season 7?

Season 6 of Hunter x Hunte rent when Gone was able to meet his father, Gung, who was his real inspiration to help him pass the Hunter exam. The two learned from each other’s past experiences and Gwen returned her father’s hunter’s license. Novo remembers Morrell fondly, and Crisco has taken over Goto’s identity. Matthew, on the other hand, received Gon’s letter and Gon rejoined the kite group. It’s all about the end of season 6. You Can Visit here to know about when does Season 7 of Hunter x Hunter Come Out.

Hunter x Hunter Season 7 begins with ‘Dark Continent Expedition Arc’ in which Issac Netaro’s son organizes a campaign inside the Dark Content. The anime series is known for introducing new characters and their various abilities so we will also get to see the money. There is no indication that Netaro has a son who can defeat him once he is captured. Korapika will come to supervise the 289th Hunter Exam. New students will arrive as Monster Museum Season 2, but only those who qualify will receive a Hunter License. We get to know more about it when the trailer is released.

Why is Hunter x Hunter Season 7 delayed on Netflix?

Anime writer Yoshihiro Togashi’s health problems and back pain do not allow him to continue to provide new manga editions and are also the cause of future season breaks. Of course, the author has planned various new episodes to feed the hungry fans. Keep up the good content.