Human Innovation Vs Mechanical innovation–Amrit Bhatia Discusses Benefits of Both

As a program manager, Amrit Bhatia brings her creative problem-solving skills to help businesses overcome obstacles and achieve their goals. She believes that a unique and pragmatic approach is necessary to achieve success.

“I am actively working to help people to be innovative but in a scalable manner,” she explains. Bhatia emphasizes that taking on an extensive program to completely reimagine an industry and compete with other companies can often do more harm than good. Instead, she collaborates with hundreds of businesses to produce high-quality goods and advance the American workforce and economy.

Bhatia has shared her thoughts on the distinction between a mechanical and a human approach to innovation. While machines can only analyze data and make judgments in accordance with programming, humans can analyze a situation, consider the emotional, moral, and legal ramifications of their choices, and gain knowledge from their mistakes to avoid repeating them in the future.

“Even though we depend on machines a lot, they still can’t be run without humans,” she goes on to say. “The best thing we can do as humans is make mistakes and learn,” Amrit says. I believes that learning from past mistakes is critical for personal growth and success, both for businesses and individuals. Companies can sometimes forget the importance of their staff and employees who built great products. In order to achieve a balanced system, we must learn how to balance the mechanical and human approaches.

As a program manager, Bhatia has used both approaches depending on the program’s goals. For instance, when she worked on the migration of a physical database to the cloud, she used the mechanical approach, resulting in long-term cost savings and productivity gains.

Bhatia’s approach to program management involves considering the potential risks and benefits of each approach before making a decision. She constantly seeks new perspectives on each issue to guide the teams toward success.

Innovation is critical to progress, and Bhatia believes that both human and mechanical approaches have benefits. However, finding the right balance between the two is essential for creating high-quality products and advancing businesses.

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