HR Transforming: New Age of Recruitment Via Machine Learning and AI

In the present day, you won’t find a facet of life that artificial intelligence hasn’t touched. While AI is making its presence known in almost every function in an organization, the impact AI permeates on the Human Resource (HR) functions need to be closely examined.


The process of hiring or screening candidates used to be repetitive, but now they’ve been automated, thanks to AI in HR. Now the HR industry requires minimal human intervention thus making it easy for the organization to focus more on meaningful activities.


We’re currently living in times were hiring the wrong talent may have wrong repercussions for the company. But we all should be grateful for technologies like AI and machine learning. Organizations have started realizing AI to be an integral part of every human resource function, the reason why the HR industry has started focusing on implementing AI and machine solutions to simply every HR function.


Digital transformation: the driver of recruitment 2.0


One of the most critical areas in human resources is recruitment. Some of the organizations are still at its nascent stage when it comes to adopting HR tech. Hence, in the future, most companies will be seeing a stark difference when it comes to leveraging technology.


An MIT research said, about 70 percent of the human resource executives from APAC organizations have the feeling that AI and robotics will expand the HR industry beyond traditional roles and become strategic driven.


Due to automation, employees will be free from conducting repetitive tasks.


Talent mapping is one such area where technologies like big data play a critical role. With the help of big data, a robust pipeline can be developed for both short-term and long-term hiring requirements.


The present human resource functions have become more performance-based, one of the major reasons why organizations have started moving toward a shared services model which is also location agnostic. Slowly the HR transformation is happening across industries. With the entire process becoming automated, HR leaders have started looking for ways to increase the hiring speed. Technology plays a crucial part in transforming business functions in the HR industry – from recruitment to onboarding, appraisal, and training, AI and machine learning solutions have drastically changed the system.


Technology to make hiring efficient


AI is already defining the way HR leaders are recruiting talent for their organizations. Companies are coming up with AI-based tools to ease the hiring process. Artificial intelligence and machine learning help identify the right fit for the job – it serves as a boon for recruiters since it can automate repetitive tasks, schedule interviews with candidates, and automate time-consuming tasks.


How organizations are using AI? Most organizations have started making use of chatbots that can help candidates answer basic recruitment questions thus eliminating the time that generally gets consumed and also increasing the application completion rate. For example, the candidate can also ask the bot a question like what are the available open positions in the jobs market or perhaps a certain keyword based on their skillset.


Engage Talent and Textio are AI-powered tools used for creating different job postings and to reach out to candidates with personalized messages. Another AI-powered tool called Harver helps assess how the candidate will perform on a real job.


AI in HR no doubt has projected as a blessing for many industries out there. Some of the industry experts believe Augmented Intelligence will be the next future for AI in recruiting. According to Augmented Intelligence’s belief, one cannot fully replace human capabilities using technology. However, we need to look ahead to create a technology that can boost human efficiency and aptitude.


Artificial intelligence is set to thrive in the upcoming years causing a significant impact across all sectors in human resources and recruitment.



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