HR Certifications: How important are they?

Certifications demonstrate the ability and skills of the holder. Likewise, HR certifications do the same for HR professionals. Employers are increasingly looking for certified HR professionals because it assures them of their skills and experience to get the job done. It is easier for employers to assess the ability of a candidate if he/she holds a certification. Not to mention, certifications are the best way to prove your competency and add credibility to the CV.

Further, certifications boost pay. According to PayScale, “those who have the Global Professional in Human Resources GPHR)” received 16 % more salary after taking the certification. Taking a certification also increases your chances of promotion by as much as 25%, according to PayScale.

In addition to adding credibility and value, HR certifications also help in:

  • Building a global perspective
  • Staying updated
  • Pursuing interests
  • Developing different skills
  • Building relationships in the industry

HR certifications are more necessary in a global hiring scenario where trust and recognition have become a critical issue. Employers recognize this need and offer employees to take regular or online hr certification or courses. Companies around the world increasingly sponsoring their employee’s education, allowing them to upskills themselves and move forward in their career. The consistently evolving HR industry has given birth to various online hr certification and course. Certifications are available for all levels of professionals. The following are a few prominent certifications in the industry.

Prominent HR certifications

1.PHR (Professional in Human Resources): HRCI (Human Resources Certification Institute) offers this certification. PHR certification is meant for entry-level and junior-level HR professionals who report to senior-level HR professionals in the organizations. The test is conducted by 3-hours of online test-taking. The certification is valid for 3 years.

2.SPHR (Senior Professional in Human Resources): This certification is offered by HRCI and is meant for senior-level HR professionals who head HR departments and are responsible for organization-wide policy-making and strategic planning. This credential is valid for 3 years.

3.GPHR (Global Professional in Human Resources): Offered by HRCI, this certification is meant for senior-level HR professionals who aim to take a global HR leadership position. This credential demonstrates the holder’s ability to effectively execute multinational HR responsibilities.

4.TMP (Talent Management Practitioner): Offered by Talent Management Institute (TMI), this certification is meant for fresh graduates and entry-level HR professionals with 6months -1 year of experience are looking to learn talent management. This certificate is valid for 3 years.

5.STMP (Senior Talent Management Practitioner): This is a mid-level certification for HR professionals to equip themselves with talent management skills. This certification is valid for 3 years; offered by the Talent Management Institute (TMI).

6.GTML (Global Talent Management Leader): This certification is meant for senior HR leaders who are looking to take on global talent management leadership positions. Offered by Talent Management Institute, GTML is valid for 5 years. As part of the certification process, candidates get access to learning material from the prestigious Wharton Business School, University of Philadelphia.

Besides, TMI also offers two talent management programs in collaboration with the Wharton Business School: Associate Fellow Program in Talent Management and Global Fellow Program, which are equally prestigious for global HR leaders.

7.SHRM-CP (Society for Human Resources Management – Certified Professional): This certification is offered by the Society for Human Resources Management (SHRM), a pioneer in HR certifications. This certification is meant for entry-level HR professionals with 1-2 years of experience, who are looking to strengthen their knowledge of HR discipline and skills. SHRM-CP is valid for 1 year.

8.SHRM- SCP (Society for Human Resources Management – Senior Certified Professional): This is a senior-level certification for HR professionals who are responsible for organization-wide HR strategy, foster influence in the community, analyze performance metrics, and tie HR strategy to organizational goals. SHRM –SCP is valid for 3 years.


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