HR Certifications: Advantages Amid COVID Crisis!

As the world deals with the current coronavirus crisis, one thing that concerns employees globally is the future of work. This is the time when the role of a certified HR professional becomes more important.


This is the time when top management as well as HR leaders should step forward to build workplaces that are more employee-centric and employee-friendly.

How will this help?

Since the coronavirus crisis businesses globally have shifted their work from physical office place to the virtual workplace. And amid all this, the businesses around the world have heavily relied on technology to ensure that the operations are running effortlessly and at the same time there is a social connection with the colleagues.

What is the solution?

Certified HR professionals know how to drive more humanity at the virtual workplace and in most of the organizations they are practicing humanity in numerous ways. HR leaders, talent management leaders and business leaders at most of the organizations understand the importance of becoming more conscious of each and every employee’s needs.

Result: The organizations globally are trying to adapt their working culture according to the individual employee needs. For instance, giving more flexible working hours to working parents.

While there are other numerous other organizations that are focusing on the physical and mental wellbeing of their employees. Thus organize various exercise and mental health classes with respective experts. There are numerous other ways each and every business house is doing for its employees and their well being.

Reason – it is important for organizations to foster a sense of closeness while employees work remotely yet with each other. So connecting through video calls, hanging out with each other virtually and encouraging social recognition amid colleagues is vital.

While HR leaders are doing their best to drive this change amid the crisis, the organization also need certified talent management leaders who are more attuned with the talent management practices that help in successful managing talent aka employees.

It is interesting to note that while the workplace is witnessing some changes, there are changes in the behavior of employees as well. Employees in the present world is more aware of her basic rights to fair pay and also demand the right to –

• Belong with an organization
• Do the work that is meaningful in other words adds value to their organization
• Be appreciated for their work in the workplace
• Have more work-life balance
• Have privacy
• Feel safe and respected in an organization
• Work in an organization that promises a strong work culture

To fulfill all the expectations of modern employees, it is important for HR professionals, HR leaders, Talent Management Professionals, and Talent Management Leaders to be certified.


HR Certifications along with Talent Management Certifications have various benefits not only for the professional but also for the organization as well. Here are some of the advantages of HR certifications –

  1. HR Certifications and even Talent Management Certifications from reputed certificating bodies ensure that the certified professional are able to create the ambience of trust and make strong connections with colleagues and top management as well.
  2. A certified HR professional knows how to drive a change that is positive in an organization. As a certified Talent Management Practitioner you will be able to understand both employees and the management concerns and will be able to bring a much-needed balance needed to steer the organization to its desired goal and objectives.
  3. As certified Talent Management Professional you will be able to pave the road for workplaces that are employee-centric. It is important for HR leaders and business leaders to understand that what current employee seek from their organization like indiscrimination – either racial or gender – climate change, and basic human rights are not just concerns of the employees but are global concerns.

Interesting to note here are the results that were presented in the recent research by Workhuman. According to the research just about 22% of employee believed that their employers were concerned about pressing global issues. However, the research also revealed that about 80% of the employees felt that their organization was committed to fair pay, privacy, employee rights, and safety.

As certified HR professional and Talent Management Practitioner you will be more attuned to what the current employee seeks from her organization and what do employers seek from their existing employees and the new talent they plan to hire. So you see there are numerous benefits of HR certifications apart from the usual ones, like

• Give you added edge over your non-certified peers
• Demonstrating your dedication toward your career

Need we add more to the list to get you going for the certifications? No, then what are you waiting for? Get going, time is running out!


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