How Your Website Colors Affect Conversions

Designing an effective website is much more than choosing the right layout and uploading the right content. What most people don’t know is that color choices can determine the emotional response of visitors. Color can be used to drive emotions and how people react when they first come into contact with your site. So you can improve your conversion rate by choosing the right colors for your website. You can evoke the right emotions and reactions without even saying anything to your visitors when you have the right colors for the products or services you offer.

Choosing the wrong color for your website design can reduce your credibility or impact a client in ways you never intended. You may want to show off, but instead he looks aggressive and closed. If you are in the early stages of the website development process with a web designer, you might want to consider choosing a professionally designed website template with balanced color combinations and this is the answer of why is colour important in website design.

Just like companies spend years perfecting the look and feel of product packaging, choosing a color scheme is more of a process than an event. Some colors excite the feeling of hunger, while others give pleasure. Most color reactions are instinctive. For example, red symbolizes strength, pink symbolizes femininity, and black symbolizes death. Basic but true. Some colors cause fatigue, while others overwhelm. And this is just the tip of the web design color disaster iceberg!

It’s more than choosing a color for your site. The standard web design kit has 216 colors to choose from. Creating colors outside of this spectrum through a process called dithering is risky because the colors will most likely not show up on all monitors.

Web designers have been perfecting their color skills for years. Of course, a new business owner cannot learn this skill fast enough to launch a business! This is one of the reasons that the prices for a site created from scratch are significantly higher. You can find many options available using website templates that are customized for your business and are perfect in terms of color.

Here are some of the colors and what they represent to help you make the right choice for your website.

Red is eye-catching, aggressive, exciting and energetic. This can be useful for brands that offer products or services that are essential and easy to sell.

Yellow. This color will create a fun, positive, friendly and energetic atmosphere on your website. This will help your visitors relax as they learn more about your brand.

Orange is modern, energetic, fun, happy, playful and childish. It is great for entertainment websites as well as products and services.

Blue is a more professional color that inspires trust, reliability, and safety. This can be great for a website that offers professional product services and high prices as it convinces visitors of the value of investing in a brand.

Green is soothing, soothing, refreshing and inspires confidence. This can be a great color for beginner sites to help visitors build trust in a brand.

Brown – This color evokes a sense of stability, durability and security. It can work great for any website regardless of the products or services it might offer.

Beige is durable, classic and neutral, making it ideal for brands that are confident in what they have to offer and don’t necessarily need to encourage visitors to make the right decisions.

Burgundy is an expensive and elegant color. This can be surprising for high society oriented sites.

Pink. It’s romantic, delicate, and soft, and can work great on sites that feature products or services that fall under that category to elicit the right reaction.

Purple is a mysterious, regal and sensual color. This can work for a variety of branded websites that are meant to look sensual and enigmatic.

Lavender is delicate and nostalgic and can be chosen for websites that want to evoke that feeling with their services or products.

White – brings a feeling of purity, sterility, innocence and simplicity. Your visitors will feel a strong desire to trust the brand values ​​when you use this color in your site design.

Black is a serious, powerful, bold, elegant and classic color. It’s a professional color that allows a brand to speak volumes without using colorful language to elicit the desired reaction. This gives the site a serious look.

You can choose the website colour based on the feelings or emotions you want to evoke in your visitors. The products or services you offer can also help you choose the best colors for your design.