How Yoga Can Help Cure Migraine


Migraine is a very common problem today when people spent most of their time today in front of a screen. This screen is so harmful to the eyes that it directly causes headaches and, migraine. Migraine at its most difficult or higher stage causes severe headache and this leads to regular cough and cold, nose blockage, etc. Here we shall discuss what are some of the natural ways through yoga that might help you treat migraine without any medicine. 

Yoga which brings calmness and peace to your life can be more than just a physical treatment. Although there is no exact proof that this is the result of yoga and it has treated this disease but yoga, in general, has a positive effect on the body.  Also, in the stressful event of a migraine, one can expect so much more than just a simple headache. It causes nausea, followed by dizziness and also constant uneasiness in the body that can last from a few hours to even a few days.

  1. Bridge Pose-

This is one of the easy and beginners pose that is done in the world of yoga. All the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh has this pose as their first pose as this pose is effective in reducing stress, and anxiety which can be two major reasons for migraine.

All you need to do while performing this pose is sit on the floor with folded knees straight with the feet on the floor flat. Next, you need to bring your entire body front and starch your rams in the front straight.  The pelvic area of your body must be little in the upward direction but the shoulders and the head should remain in their position touching the floor. The thighs and the leg should be parallel to each other and, must be at ease. Holding this pose for about a minute and then repeating it for 3 sets will help you get your desired result. 

Now to come back to your normal position all your need to do is bring your pelvic area and the torso to the ground slowly and then gently get up. Next, unfold the legs and come back to the normal position.

  1. Corpse Pose-

This pose realizes all the stress that is accumulated in the body and makes it more relaxed. It’s a very easy pose that works on the body making it light and you will feel rejuvenated as you perform this pose.

To do this pose one needs to lie flat on the ground keeping the legs apart a little. The arms must be kept side by side and slightly apart as well. Next, all you need to do is pull your body up and give the support to your legs and hands and pick the body in the air with the entire support to your arms and legs. The feet should be kept pointed and the face must be towards the ground. Hold this pose anywhere between 5-30 minutes or for a time as long as you are comfortable. 

The best way to perform this pose is in the early morning with a little music and pleasant sound. This way one feels more relaxed and the pse and entire performance become much more relaxing.  To come out of this pose be slow and put pressure first on the back. Then next give attention to the toes and slowly come down and sit for 30 seconds to 1 minute and relax a bit. Then slowly move yourself to the static position.

  1. Hand Stretch Breathing-

This is one of the first yoga early morning in Yoga School in Rishikesh.

This posture is very easy and one of the best ways to bring calm and peace to your life. All you need to do is get up in the morning and stand on the misty grass and this poses under the open sky listening to nature’s music.  This will surely be highly effective in treating migraine and generally keeps on healthy.

To do this pose all your can do is stand bare feet on the ground with legs parallel to each and hands beside you. Now being both your hand near the chest, then you have to interlace your fingers and keep the hands in this position near your chest. Then stech the arms in this position in a slightly lower direction and then slowly twist your hands in this direction. While doing this inhale and stretch as much as possible not too much which might cause an injury. Then reverse the exact movement and bring your hand to the chest and when doing this exhale. Relax your shoulder and do this at least 5 -7 times to get the best results. Now repeat the same thing but in the upward direction towards the ceiling.