How well do you know your gym? Cleanliness & Hygiene

When we want to work on our bodies, the gyms are our go-to places. It has a complete set of equipment and the perfect aura to work out at. However, many people use the gym, and you can bet that there is a lot of sweat too. When people push past their fitness limits, they usually drop their sweat on the gym equipment. The big problem with this is that it fills the gym with numerous bacterias and germs. With that said, a gym needs to have a cleaning and hygiene protocol. Whether you are working out from home or travelling to your local Gym in Leeds for example, cleanliness and hygiene is imperative.

Some of the said protocol is the following:

Fitness Equipment Wipes

It is always a good sign when a gym has sanitary wipes right next to the gym equipment. By doing so, it is easily accessible by the customer. Before you use a machine, you must wipe it down to ensure cleanliness and remove unwanted bacteria. If you did not know, an average treadmill has 74x more bacterias compared to a public bathroom. So, wiping before using is an essential step. 

Antibacterial Spray and Hand Gel

In addition to the fitness wipes, it is a must that gyms have antibacterial sprays and hand gels scattered around the gym. With this, gym users have access to sanitation services whatever part of the gym they may be in. 

Steam Cleaning

Apart from the bacterias and germs, sweat build-up can also cause an odor in the gym. In order to remedy this situation, gyms make use of steam cleaning to target the root cause of the smell. Bacterias and germs cannot survive the high temperature of steam cleaning. 

High Filtration Vacuums and Floor Scrubbing

Most gyms make use of carpeted floors, and although this seems soft on the foot, it is filled with sweat, dirt, and oil that can be difficult to remove. Compared to hardwood floors, carpeted ones cannot be easily wiped or swept, which is why thorough vacuuming is done at least once a day. 

Mid-Day Cleaning

As we have previously established, a gym is a dirty place. In addition to that, they get dirtier as the day progresses. With that said, some gyms implement a mid-day cleaning routine. In this, gym equipment is sanitized, and the floors are vacuumed. 

Air Purifier

A cleaning routine that came about because of the COVID-19 pandemic is the use of air purifiers. When people work out, they usually breathe through their mouths and thus, more microorganisms in the air. A non-toxic air purifier is used to cleanse the air to ensure safety. 

Final Thoughts

The cleaning routines stated above are what most gym-goers look for in a gym because this ensures the safety of their health. It is a necessary measure even though some may find certain protocols, such as the mid-day cleaning, to be annoying. The tiny inconvenience does not outweigh the hygienic benefits that these cleaning routines have. With that said, it is a must that your gym has these for a hassle-free and fun workout experience! Go get those abs with a sanitized workout area!