How web design is of great value

Good web design conveys that a site is trustworthy. It also signals to a potential patient that a site is worth their time. One of the biggest benefits of a good website design for your audience is that it can help them navigate the site easily. The ultimate goal of a website too is that it will also be able to drive in new business too. It should also be a good way of being able to get a company new business right around the clock, every day of the year.

Web design is important because it impacts how your audience perceives your brand. The impression you make on them can either get them to remain on your page. Another way that good web design improves trust is through brand consistency. Especially if you have a well-established brand, your customers will have a good and long lasting impression. This will be the impression of what they have in turn seen from via your website. A web design agency will be able to help massively with getting to this.

Where it all begins

Design is a layer between customers and the business that can easily connect or divide both sides. Today every business understands the true value of a good design. Also of how big of an impact it can make on their profits. It all starts with the brand design. This bit is incredibly important to make a good first impression and evoke certain feelings.

Then there is the marketing design which can help to attract the right audience and even increase the perceived value of the product or service. The sales page needs to be carefully designed, tested, and optimised for conversion. But you could do everything perfectly up to this point and it’s all for nothing if your checkout and purchase process isn’t designed correctly.

The customer experience

Also, your customer’s experience from entering the website to the purchasing process can change their mind and affect how they feel about spending their money. Just imagine doing your research about a product on a poorly designed website that is cluttered and difficult to navigate. How can you trust that the product you’re buying is valuable if the company didn’t bother to have a well-designed website? People perceive the value of Apple’s products as very high and feel good about their purchases, even though their prices are on the higher end and the features are often not even better than its competitors.

Building up a good level of trust

We trust familiar brands that we can associate with and that represent our own values. If you want to build a memorable brand, a good design can help to connect with customers and audiences on many different levels. A simple thing such as your main brand colours can speak a lot about the company and the targeted audience. Each colour has a special meaning and can evoke certain feelings. Mixing different colours and creating unique colour palettes can help you stand out from the crowd.


There is a common misconception among designers that they only need to aim for great visuals and cool-looking designs. Then that from here everything else will follow. Though aesthetics matter, it’s not the most critical factor when it comes to a business evaluating what type of designer to hire. Companies find it more valuable when a design provides their customers a solution to a problem. This is such as increasing conversions, eliminating pain-points, and reducing friction. In other words, clients value a designer’s problem-solving skills more than their ability to deliver pretty-looking designs alone.

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