How We Decide Which Mowers Are The Best For Your Lawn

The professionals at the Good Housekeeping Institute begin by conducting an analysis of the current market to determine the types of lawn mowers. And tractors that are most likely to be sold in home improvement stores and over the internet. From there. We zero in on brands that have consistently demonstrated the highest levels of quality. And dependability throughout the many years of testing conducted on outdoor power equipment. The first step in the hands-on testing process is a comprehensive analysis of the product’s technical specifications and performance metrics. Which may include considerations of cutting swaths, noise levels, and battery run times, as appropriate.

Our experts put mowers and tractors through rigorous testing on a variety of terrains, ranging from hilly to flat. And on many different kinds of turfgrass. In order to get an accurate reading on the cutting performance of these machines. During the usability testing, factors such as the comfort of the handle. How simple it is to raise and lower the deck, and how simple it is to mount. And dismount the grass bag are taken into consideration. Roy Berendsohn, Senior Home Editor at Popular Mechanics. With whom we collaborated on this report, notes that. “We even look at whether the tires have a tendency to pick up wet grass clippings.” This is one of the things that we evaluate.

The mulching, bagging. And side-discharging modes of lawnmowers are put through their paces by our team of experts. Who evaluate how evenly each mode cuts.

The assembly of Toro promo code lawnmowers is another aspect that is evaluated by specialists. Who takes note of the amount of time required and any difficulties that may Arise.

What kind of Lawn Mower is Considered to be the most Effective?

There are two primary categories of lawnmowers: walk-behind mowers and riding mowers. The size of your yard and the slope of the terrain will be the most important considerations in making your decision. If you have less than a half acre or 10,000 square feet of grass space. You should look into purchasing a walk-behind mower. This is a good general rule to stick to.. (Here’s a helpful hint: Berendsohn recommends that rather than thinking about the overall lot’s acreage. You should look specifically at how much cutting space you have.) If the distance is more than that, you should consider a riding option instead.

There are three Primary Categories of walk-behind Mowers:

  • Lawnmowers operated by hand demand. That you put in all of the effort required without receiving any help from a motor or engine.
  • Manually powered lawnmowers have a motor or engine to power the blades. But you are responsible for moving the machine yourself.
  • Lawnmowers that propel themselves If you want to avoid having to manually push the blades and wheels. You should ensure that your device has an engine or motor in it.

There are three different types of transmissions available for riding mowers: manual, automatic, and hydrostatic. Manual transmissions are similar to those found in cars, while automatic transmissions use belts to transfer power.

Tractors with zero-degree turns essentially upgraded riding mowers that offer superior maneuverability. As well as higher top speeds in comparison to conventional tractors. As opposed to using a wheel. You will be using a pair of levers to control the rotation (i.e., turning one will move you in a circle).

Check out the lawn mower buying guide. That is provided by Popular Mechanics for a more in-depth analysis of the various types of mowers.

How to Buy the Best Lawn Mowers

Once you choose a mower or tractor, there are other factors to consider:

Uniform front and back wheel sizes provide the best maneuverability on even lawns, including U-turns at row ends. If your yard is rough, get larger rear wheels.

Mulch, side discharge, or bag clippings. Some mowers have one, two, or three cutting options. Your goals and how often you mow will determine the best length. Experts say:

Mulching: This saves time and energy and returns natural nutrients to the soil, reducing the need for fertilizer.

Side-exit: The clippings discharged from a side chute. That lets the blade spin faster for a faster mow, but clippings can end up on sidewalks, flower beds, etc.

Bagging: Though bagging creates the neatest lawn, it’s time-consuming and bad for the turf and soil. You may need to rake up mulch clumps if the grass is very long.

Ergonomic seats and cup holders are nice extras for riding mowers. Cruise control and automatic speed adjustment are also nice. Some tractors can switch modes without manually changing blades. Some cordless electric walk-behinds have removable batteries for easier storage and charging.

Especially with expensive riding mowers and tractors, look for a robust warranty. Some models come with five-year or longer warranties.

  • Most electric push models can stored vertically to save space, but gas models require special engine seals to prevent gas leakage.
  • Models start in the hundreds but can cost thousands. Performance, comfort, and durability must weigh against cost.

What makes Good Housekeeping worth your Trust?

Rachel Rothman has worked for the GH Institute for 14 years and holds a B.S.E. in mechanical engineering and applied mechanics from the University of Pennsylvania, where she also minored in mathematics. She oversees efforts to improve our technical and testing procedures on a regular basis.

Since 2012, Lynn Redmile has been analyzing products as a Testing and Product Review Analyst for the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Rachel and Lynn collaborated closely with Dan DiClerico, director of the Home Improvement & Outdoor Lab at the GH Institute while writing this article. He has reviewed thousands of products, many of which are related to lawn care, over the course of more than 20 years for publications like Good Housekeeping, This Old House, and Consumer Reports, and now he brings that expertise to the Institute.


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