How Water Mitigation Different from Water Restoration?

If you have suffered from water damage indoors due to leakage in your roof, pipes or walls, then you might need to hire emergency water damage restoration services. So, if you wonder whether to choose water mitigation to water damage restoration, thenhere is somethingyou need to know!

What is water damage restoration?

 Water damage restoration refers to the process of resurrecting the property which has suffered from water damage and bringing it back to its previous shape. However, the actual process of water damage drying is much more complex as it might take many days depending on the area of the damaged property.  Water damage restoration is a comprehensive process as it starts with water mitigation, then proceeds to drying the property with humidifiers and ends with mould prevention or remediation.

Here are some more details about the water damage restoration process.

 Water damage restoration procedure-

 There are some well-defined steps involved in water damage restoration. Here are a few details about this procedure.

1. Accumulated water extraction-

In this process, experts use portable water extractors for removing accumulated water from your property to save your belongings from damage due to moisture. 

 2. Removal of debris-

Debris removal is usually performed before drying the property as it helps to get rid of unwanted moisture. However, if professionals notice that there is no structural damage which has taken place, then they might also skip this step.

 3. Drying out session-

Your water damage restoration expert will use dehumidifiers and advanced dryers for removing accumulated moisture from your property. With the correct drying plan, you can get best results in minimal time.

4. Restoration of contents-

In this process, experts try to restore all the contents in your property and salvage them. However, if some of the contents are beyond repair, then the experts will suggest you eliminate them to negate the risk of mould built-up in your property.

 5. Restructuring and reconstruction-

In this final step of water damage restoration, the experts test the moisture testing to check the level of humidity.  Also, they suggest you to restructure and reconstruct the electrical, plumbing, drywall if it is damaged. A full-service water damage restoration company will provide you assistance during the entire process.

 Difference Between Water Damage Restoration and Water Mitigation-

 The main difference between water damage restoration and water mitigation is in the process.  Water mitigation involves preventing further damage and breakdown of your property. This might involve safeguarding the structure and integrity of your property, shifting salvageable contents from your property and eradicating the moisture which has accumulated in your property.

 Water damage restoration starts after water mitigation. The methods used for water damage restoration is dependent on the extent of property damage which has taken place. In a few properties, the experts might set up dryers and dehumidifiers to ensure that your property is dried out properly. However, they will suggest you to cut out the dry wall, carpets or carpet padding which might have been vulnerable to mould growth. Additionally, they will also move the damaged material and furniture from your property and suggest you to reconstruct certain areas.

What is the job of a professional water damage restoration firm?

 The major function of a professional water damage restoration firm is to take prompt steps and bring your property back to its previous shape.  As given above, they will also check your property thoroughly and see whether there are any signs of mould growth and take necessary steps as and when required.  

 As given above, the overall water damage restoration process contains a variety of steps.

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