How ‘The Viral Music’ Will Be Much More Than a Music Instagram Page

Lorenzo Schiavone, founder and CEO of The Viral Music, launched his Instagram-music account in 2017. Since then, the page has grown to be much more than the passion project of a music lover.

Why Only Instagram?

“Instagram is one all inclusive app. It contains features that you can use on Facebook, Twitter and Snapchat. You can write whatever you want, post anything, and message anyone. It’s just amazing!”

What Kind of Traffic Does The Viral Music Get?

“It depends on the month. Two months ago in June, we got 8 million uniques, 150 thousand profile visits and 24 million impressions. Our followers are mostly based in the U.S., around 70%.”

How is Technology Changing the Music Industry?

“Technology has had a massive impact on the way artists can share their work with the public and interact with their listeners. The power of streaming platforms like Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal has been changing the music industry and artists of all stripes, from pop superstars to bedroom songwriters gravitate to Instagram to promote their work. The Viral Music and our competitors are very important for music artists because they can reach a real community of music lovers to increase their fan base organically.” says Lorenzo Schiavone.

What Do You Expect From Instagram And The Viral Music in 2018/19?

“I’m pretty sure that Instagram will create new features to become a sort of “record label” of the future where artists can earn money directly on the app. This will be a massive change also for us because we will automatically become a “sublabel” of Instagram.”


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