How Under Wrap Is Essential For Ankle Care!!!

Are you an athlete but often not able to outperform due to discomfort in the ankle because of shoes or that athletic tape? Then you must use strong thin and translucent foam substance under your athletic tape, which is commonly known as under wrap. This light veil-like foamy tape protects the skin form glue used in zinc oxide bandages.


Now, what are under wraps?

Originally designed to protect skin from adhesive bandages or tapes, under wrap now meet many more needs.

These under wraps are best pre-wrap tape for ankles, designed to protect sensitive skin from blisters, chaffing, scrapping and reduce friction.

Basically, under wrap is a thin layer of foam to be applied beneath those strapping tapes and skin, with the primary focus on protection against skin rubbing and skin irritation. 


Benefits ofusing the pre-wrap tape

Under wraps are commonly known as pre-wraps as well. Fitness enthusiasts or professional sports players mostly use Cramer tape under wrap to pre-tape their ankle for numerous reasons. Let us have a brief look at the benefits of athletic tape on ankle:


Take hold of the tapping long last

While under wrap cling to the skin without actually sticking to the hair or skin and the hold the strapping firmly. The adhesive zinc oxide tapes and cohesive elastic bandages get perfectly stick on the under wrap. While under wrap hold and retain the moisture and heat, adhesive tapes stay in one place without the chance of losing the adhesion faster.


Foamy and lightweight

While under wrap is very light in weight, one cannot fee the extra weight on foot. The single layer of foam under wrap is sufficient beneath athletic tape on ankle; one can hardly notice there is pre-wrap beneath ankle bandage.


Protective layer for sensitive skin

Some athletes have sensitivity against adhesive used in bandages or athletic tapes, which might cause skin irritation or allergy. Cramer tape under wraps acts as a protective shield between skin and adhesive bandages and don’t let this adhesive harm their skin.


Reduces chafing, scrapping, and inflammation of the skin

Pre-wrap is designed to protect the skin form medical supplies that might cause inflammation or chaffing of the skin. It prevents rubbing from the edges of bandages or tape. 


Protective measure inside footwear

Athletes generally use this under wrap to hold socks or pads while playing. It prevents blistering while acting like a protective layer inside an athlete’s footwear.


Latex-free and non-toxic

Cramer’s under wrap’s non-toxic nature and latex-free material makes it the best pre-wrap tape for athletes. However, in case you feel irritated on the skin after applying this, stop using it, and contact the health practitioner.


Painless application and removal

The under wrap is easy to apply and remove without plucking off hair from your skin as it does not adhere to the skin itself.


To sum up further

Pre-wrap or under wrap has versatile uses and comes under different colors. Since it is a soft and porous substance, make it highly effective to meet athletic needs by acting as an extra layer of safety between the skin and athletic tape on the ankle.


The non-latex foam wraps around the skin and gives protection from those dermatological adhesives in the case of people with sensitive skin.Apart from being an exclusive protective shield for your foot, Cramer’s athlete’s ankle under wrap can be used at several places like holding cold packs on a place.Order your bundles of pre-wrap for that long playground session and uninterrupted play