How UI/UX Design is helping Mobile Apps

Summary: Mobile apps are the new business normals and a lot goes into making them work including a robust backend and an impressive frontend. UI/UX stands at the heart of an app, seamlessly synchronizing and communicating between the two as per user requirements.

Mobile apps and their markets are at an all-time high. With an average individual now spending approximately 4 hours of their productive day on smartphones and more than 90% of this time being spent on mobile apps; the prospects and scope of this market is only to grow. So, getting one for your business is a future-envisioning step for sure.

When you intend to develop your mobile app, you need to give special care to its UI/UX designing part, as it defines how well your app will seem to the user. Check out  mobile app design services.

UI is the ‘User Interface’ that is the doorway to your mobile app. Thus, it includes all the app buttons, color schemes, content placements, etc. On the other hand, UX is the overall ‘User Experience’. It includes the various functionalities of an app, including their working, placement, etc. Even the used technologies are a part of the mobile app UX.

User Interface and user experience basically define how mobile apps communicate amongst themselves i.e. their various functionalities, frontend, backend, etc. as well as the way they communicate with the user. 

UI/UX is the ‘Nerves’ of a Mobile App System

The above-stated metaphor clearly communicates the importance of the user interface and user experience for a mobile app’s body. Let us try and understand in detail what a good UI/UX can do and achieve, in detail:

  • User Engagement

A mobile app is built to impress users and this very purpose is effectively solved by the UI/UX of an app. A well designed UI/UX ensures that the users will like your app in the beginning itself (even through its images on the app store!) and download your app. Also, a well designed user interface and design with eminent functionalities,  ensures that the users shall keep the app within the smartphone, leading to low uninstalls and App abandonment. In fact, they may even put in a good word for your app within their networks, further helping in marketing your app.

  • Higher Returns

This is simple maths. Now, if your intended users get impressed with your app outlook (UI), they shall download it. With good user experience, they are also likely to make purchases. Also, users that are satisfied with your app and are promoting it, which further tends to provide you with sales through their word of mouth. All-in-all, a good UI/UX experience helps generate high ROI for your business.

  • Brand Connectivity

Have you thought, how your customers connect new products and services with their parent company? It is again a part of a mobile app’s User interface and experience. The overall look, its color schemes, content placement, images, videos, etc. will help the users identify the mobile app with your business brand.

  • Lower Overheads

Reports suggest that on an average, 20% of the app development costs are spent in app maintenance and other needful updations. Extra effort, time required and lost sales are other losses that a mobile app tends to face during app maintenance. A good UI/UX helps to lower or completely negate these costs as the developer is not required to update the app for a long time (as it is keeping the user engaged already).

  • Helps in App Store Optimization (ASO)

As a good UI/UX tends to engage the users well, it leads to more downloads and page traffic directly. Moreover, a satisfied user also tends to put in a good review and help in promoting it further on their networks. This leads to better app store optimization for the mobile app on the app store listings, leading to easier searchability. UI/UX mistakes on the other hand can bring in negative reviews that can make your intended users wary of your products or services. 

A Well-Designed UI/UX provides an efficient platform for a Mobile App success

If you take any successful mobile app including Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.; all provide seamless functionalities with crystal clear app design that easily enables the user to use its functionalities. The interface is clean, simple, with minimum buttons and easy navigation options. They in fact promote the overall efficiency of an app, without even letting the user know of their presence. Thus, when you begin looking for a UI/UX designer for your app, look for professionals  that understand this applicability and its importance. Do not cut corners in this aspect of mobile app development. Remember, that a good UI/UX design is in fact a good investment on your mobile app that maximizes the chances of its overall success.

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