How to write my essay in 1 hour?

Students receive various written assignments and often have challenging tasks that require concentrating on research and writing. Essays are among the widespread tasks that usually make students worry, especially when they do not have vast experience writing academic papers. There are several general types of essays, such as explanatory, argumentative, narrative, description, and admission essays or personal statements. When students receive an assignment that requires compiling an influential paper, they often seek help in online services. ‘Please, help me write my essay in 1 hour’ – Professional writers who collaborate with writing services can work fast and assist you with challenging tasks. 

If you are not sure that you have time to order professional help, read our article to help you understand the core principles of writing and economize your working time.

Read the manuals

Your teacher will provide you with detailed manuals to get the core requirements on your forthcoming paper. Usually, instructions from the teacher contain details on the word count, number of paragraphs, preliminary structure, topic ideas, suggestions on sources, tone of voice, formatting requirements, etc. Read the manuals, and do not hesitate to ask your teacher for explanations if you have questions. Do not proceed with writing until you are sure that you understand your goals and are ready to start.

Define the topic

To state an exciting topic, you need to go through the list of potential subjects to decide which area you are willing to investigate. The secret of fast and thoughtful writing is a deep understanding of the subject and willingness to write about it. If you cannot find a topic in a list suggested by your professor, find an exciting subject and go for it. Do not forget to agree on a chosen topic with your professor.

Research speedily

To compile a meaningful essay fast, you will require research on the topic. Choose at least three different types of sources, for example, a book, a website, and a thesis paper. Go through all your sources and define the core points to include in your paper. Depending on the type of essay, you might require forming your opinion and adding references to the text. Do not forget to take notes while you are providing research.

Add an outline with details

If you need to write an essay fast, you had better combine an outline with a first draft. An essay must have at least three sections: an introduction, the body, and a conclusion. When you outline your paper, start adding the text with your thoughts, facts, numbers, and other details that will form a ‘skeleton’ of an essay. As a result, you will get a working draft that will speed up the writing process.

Edit your essay

Even when running out of time, read your essay at least once to ensure that you did not make any stylistic mistakes. To polish your essay, you will also require checking punctuation, grammar, repeated words, mistypes, and other problematic parts. Ensure that you have included all vital elements from the teacher’s manuals.

These were the core tips on how to write an essay in 1 hour. Apply these hacks to your text and be successful!

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