How to Write an Entertainment Speech Professionally?

Do you want to know how to write an entertaining speech?

If yes, then read this blog till the end.

Entertainment speeches are not restricted to make an audience feel entertained or funny. The objective of such speeches is to gain the attention of your audience and evoke an emotion out of them. An entertainment speech can be for a wedding, birthday, a special occasion, or even a funeral. If you think that it’s a bit confusing to write entertainment speeches you can always search for “who can write my speech?” and hire one of the service providers.

But let us tell you that writing an entertainment speech is fun and at least once you should give it a try. If you are willing to make an attempt our tips below will help you frame a professional speech:

write an entertainment speech

Find a topic that interests you to write an entertaining speech

It is important to make the right pick. Try choosing a topic that makes you comfortable and you have knowledge of it. Anything that makes you feel uneasy, avoid. You will not sound very persuasive. Just like online essay help, you can get online speech writing help to nail our speech.

Brainstorm an idea and make a structure in your entertainment speech

Go ahead and find what you wish to talk about a certain topic. Since it’s a professional entertaining speech you must come up with an idea that has a more formal approach. Start outlining your speech and sequence the events. An outline will give you clarity and direction of how your speech should follow.

Fill it with interesting elements to get the audience’s attention

Elements that we talk about can be numbers, statistics, news, or a personal story. It is important to avoid the normal cliché’s and write something that your audience hasn’t heard before. If you always talk about the popular stories in the past its predictable outcome can be disappointing. An element of surprise can get you the attention you need. The audience should not be able to guess what’s coming next.

Make sure your introduction and ending are total winners

Your introduction is an asset because that’s where you make a first impression and get the audience’s attention. The ending is important too because you make your audience take an action. Thus, pay close attention to both.


You can totally rock an entertainment script with good content but never forget that presentation matters too. Since you will be delivering a professional speech make sure you are dressed professionally and exhibit strong body language along with good content to make everything work.

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