How to write a heart-touching eulogy

A funeral is where we mourn the death of a loved one and celebrate the essence of their life. We share our memories and the little moments that we cherish about the deceased.

When there’s so much to say, sometimes it can be hard to find the right words. It’s all too much and too little at the same time. It’s hard to talk about the gift of life, love, and loss when nothing makes sense in your unbridled grief.

During times like these, it’s important to speak what’s in your heart because it just might be the thing you need to say and the rest of your loved ones need to hear.

Here are some tips on how to write an eloquent eulogy that will be well deserved for the one who’s passed on.

#1 Write about personal experience

There is no right or wrong way to describe a person. But the best way is to write what you remember feeling in the moments you shared with your loved one. Write the things that are personal and no one else knows. Write about things that show the person in a different light, the things that make them seem more human. Any account of a funny or heartwarming memory is always enjoyable.

#2 Anecdotes

Everyone has a certain way of speaking – it could be an accent or a different tone or even gestures, that is very distinctive to them. Recounting them in a eulogy will make people look back at the little things that made the person special. You could write about their favorite quotes or something they like to say a lot or even their most popular opinions. It’s like for a moment there, they’re almost back to life.

#3 Use the right adjective

Every creative writing course says that description is the key to a well-written piece. Your words need to paint a realistic portrait of who the person used to be because that will define how everyone will see them in their memories. Don’t use bland, straightforward sentences that don’t evoke any emotions in your audience. Use colorful words that can eloquently describe someone and breathe life into their memory.

#4 Pause for thought

Your train of thought needs to be put on the paper in a structured format. It’s not an elocution competition that needs to cover maximum possible content in minimum time. A pregnant pause goes a long way in terms of emphasis. Give a meaningful pause at the end of sentences or after an impactful statement so that the weight of your words settles in.

#5 Time’s running out

As much as you feel you can talk forever about your beloved person, it’s important to be realistic and keep in mind the attention span of your audience. An impactful eulogy is one that stays with you long after you’re done speaking. Maintain a fixed time limit of 3-7 minutes depending on how long you’re comfortable being the center of attention and how much content you have to share.

Hopefully, all of these tips can help you write a eulogy worth remembering.Ā  You can always join a content writing course online to work on your skills further. Unluclass offers you the best writing course online. Come learn from the best of the best – Ruskin bond. This literary legend can help elevate your writing prowess to create a sure-shot tear-jerking eulogy. As far as funerals go, a good eulogy certainly makes things more memorable. In the end just remember: Life has to end; love doesn’t.