How To Write a Biography: 4 Tips For Writing a Gripping Biography

Writing a biography gives information about a person’s life, whether a historical figure, world leader or entrepreneur. It’s essential to include all the important elements of a biographical text to deliver a successful biography.

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What is a biography?

A biography is an account of someone’s life, including their family, education, growth, goal achievement, and significant accomplishments. It provides a chronological account of a person’s life written by someone else.

Biography isn’t just about stating information and facts about a person but making it engaging enough to strike a chord. To write a biography that builds an emotional connection with the readers, below are some tips to help you create a successful biography.

4 Tips To Create a Gripping Biography

1.  Decide who you want to write about

Before writing a biography, you need to decide who the subject of your biography would be. You should select a person whose qualities and values reflect your goals for writing a biography. Here are a few questions you may want to ask yourself when choosing a subject:

  • Is the subject’s story interesting and engaging enough to be written as a biography?
  • Are their contributions impactful and should they be covered in a book?
  • Will their biography form a connection with the readers?

2.  Do your research

After deciding the purpose and subject of your biography, take the subject’s permission and ensure that your biography contains authorised information and gives you a better chance to interview the subject. Start doing your research and gather whatever primary and secondary sources you can get your hands on. The research materials can be journals, diaries, entries, books, and recordings. A source can also be a documentary or a film on your subject.

3.  Conduct interviews

Schedule an interview with your subject to learn about their personality, goals, and values in an in-depth way. Ask questions about what shapes their views and understand their approach towards life (to state a few things). Feel free to interview their friends, families, colleagues, and other closely associated people to receive an objective view of the subject’s actions.

4.  Add your personal views

After you’re done gathering sources and conducting interviews of your subject, make a timeline of all the data you have gathered in chronological order and start creating an outline for your biography. When writing a biography, it’s interesting to add your thoughts and opinions about the person’s account to make it engaging and valuable for the audience. Depending on the interview questions you ask the subject, you can write your opinion on a few answers that resonate with your book goals and add a positive contribution to society.

These are some of the important steps to think of when writing a biography. Writing an engaging biography may take more time than a standard fiction book because of the research and interviews. If you’re passionate about writing a biography for yourself or someone important but lack time to invest in writing, you can hire our biography writers to create a successful biography for you.