How To Wear Flare Jeans In 2022

Twiggy was in, and ’70s-themed clothing resurfaced. Flared pants replaced skinny jeans because of Saturday Night Fever. Most of us weren’t alive during John Travolta’s singing heyday, but we imagine it fondly.

If you own flare jeans, you may wonder how to wear them. Graphic tees and boho button-ups are available.

We’ll give you 10 outfit ideas if you’re stuck. After reading this, you should know:

what are flare jeans?

Flare jeans are form-fitting on top and bell-shaped on the bottom. They’re high-waisted, giving the illusion of a shorter torso and longer legs.

This style is 7/10 in comfort compared to super-tight skinnies. In the 1960s and 1970s, flare jeans were popular. Curious about its history? We’ll discuss in later segments.

1870 Nevada tailor Jacob Davis’ eureka moment was jeans. It’s a humble origin story involving disgruntled miners and Levis Strauss’ iconic brand, but we won’t go into detail. American sailors created bell-bottoms as a snag-free alternative for overboard riders in the 1900s. Others thought its trumpet-shaped silhouette allowed for boots.

Flared pants were initially designed to be functional, not fashionable. In the 1960s, Twiggy and the Jackson 5 wore bell-bottoms as statement pieces. The resurgence was partly due to counterculture, as youth rebelled against fads and tropes.

This trend lasted from the 1970s to today. They’re associated with the hippie era, but the Y2K MTV crowd wore low-waisted jeans.

Why Wear Flare Jeans

70s themed parties let you wear flared jeans. Bell-bottoms aren’t just for Halloween; trendsetters wear them year-round. Depending on cut, color, and style, your go-tos can be dressed down with a graphic tee and a jacket. For maximalist silhouettes, choose bright colors and embellishments. Casually wear flared jeans.

Denim isn’t formal, so people wear tweed or jacquard instead. Flare jeans are worn in fall, winter, and spring. Its full-length silhouette isn’t summer-friendly unless you love sweat stains.

If you can’t part with your cropped flares, here’s how to wear them in July.

how to wear flare jeans

So we’ve explained its iconic shape. We’ll show you how to wear flare jeans with 10 outfit ideas

10 Ideas for Flare Jeans

You don’t have to go for ‘wham, bam, thank-you mam’ ’70s style. Simple silhouettes pair well with dramatic shapes, like this outfit. Mid-wash jeans, a black shirt, and a tailored trench coat exemplify effortless modern elegance. Fit is key, as baggy clothes can hide your figure instead of highlighting it. The front tuck and matching boots add style points.
The 2.0 version of you is sipping cappuccinos at a bookstore in London. It’s a romantic fantasy, and you don’t need a week-long vacation to adopt it. This simple but elegant dress shows how to wear flare jeans elegantly.

Light-wash denim, a cream sweater, and a silk hair bow make for a dainty main character look. For shoes, try white kitten heels or burgundy leather boots. Flared jeans aren’t just 1970s style. Indeed, they’re a Nashville fashion staple.

While most trendsetters prefer cowboy boots and wide-brimmed hats, it’s not the most attainable look in the city. This streetwear/spaghetti western look features black flared jeans, a white graphic tee, a chunky belt, and pointed-toe boots.

You won’t impress anyone at this year’s demolition derby, but you’ll be the pretty boy among the fairground fairy lights. Consider your style when deciding how to wear flare jeans. In this case, this outfit screams’record shopping now, thrifting later’ Dark denim, a loose white tee, an olive green jacket, and a chunky beanie define hipster fashion.

For a collegiate touch, try layered necklaces, an embellished belt, and leather Oxfords. I dunno, but this outfit gives me Zendaya Mary Jane vibes. Considered the perfect example of angsty but admirable teenage fashion, this outfit must have appeared in No Way Home or Homecomin. It has denim bell-bottoms, a matching jacket, a paisley cardigan, and a white graphic tee underneath.

Flare jeans look great with brown leather boots. If you want the MJ look, go for Converse. Not sick with SNF? Grunge-inspired streetwear may be your best bet. This outfit includes flared pants, a cable knit, a gray t-shirt, and a black leather jacket.

Baggy clothing gives off a “I’m up to no good” vibe. This is how to wear flare jeans like a bad boy. Considered cheesy in the mid-2000s, sweater vests are back.

This is the easiest way to look smart and bookish without suspenders and glasses. Consider this brown, sleeveless cable knit with a white tee, flared jeans, and Doc Martens. If you want to enter dark academia, this group can help.

Don’t forget to add a tote bag to this “how to wear flare jeans” look. You can never go wrong with a classic button-up; see Exhibit H’s white collared shirt and denim bell-bottoms. Its boxy silhouette matches the fit and flare pants.

The French tuck defines the waist. If you want to layer, this ‘how to wear flare jeans’ guide suggests a bomber jacket and Yankees cap. The Converse shoes are a must-have to complete the look. In the summer heat, you may wonder how to wear flare cropped jeans.

A form-fitting halter top, a belt, and matching Converse make styling easy. This grungy outfit is perfect for those who hate showing skin. The white pants are a godsend compared to dark-wash jeans that absorb heat.

We recommend sunglasses for that urban summer look. Raise your hand if you’re under 5’3″ If you’re a proud club member, you need platform kicks for height.

This ‘how to wear flare jeans’ contender wears white bell bottoms with brown heels. A leather jacket and plaid blanket scarf create the illusion of supermodel legs without Photoshop.

How do you get flare jeans?

Subcategories have subcategories in fashion. Now apply the same rule to flare jeans to get dozens of styles, cuts, and designs.

Casual dressers may find shopping overwhelming, so we’ll provide a list of popular bell-bottom trends. Hopefully, you can answer “how to wear flare jeans” with ease.

Blue jeans were the first. Casual dressers prefer traditional hues to bright colors. Choose from pastel to dark blue washes.
The rib cage cut: long legs are rare. Thankfully, high-waisted jeans can give the illusion of height. Designed to elongate your figure, this style type also accents the torso.
Clean-cut denim isn’t for everyone. If you want the My Chemical Romance look, choose distressed holes and rips.
Patterns and bright colors: If you want some spice, choose a different hue or print. Trends include white, bleached hearts, and emerald green.

How to buy flare jeans

I know, buying jeans isn’t fun. Levi’s fit, wash, and design are more important than dresses and loungewear. A good pair can cost $60 or more, so weigh the pros and cons before purchasing.

Best jeans have a 2:1 ratio of durability to flexibility. This is done by mixing cotton, elastane, and polyester. Both stretchy knits and stiff denim tend to rip, so choose one. The fabrics used determine comfort. Nothing is more annoying than abrasive Levis. Fit is key when buying jeans. The hips should be snug while the crotch seam should be roomy. Flared pants shouldn’t hug your legs, only the thighs.

The design is also important. Bright colors and patterns may seem appealing, but they can be a mistake if you don’t wear them often. $70to $300 can buy flared jeans. It depends on your budget and where you shop. Brands like AGOLDE and Reformation charge more, while Levis and Wranglers are cheaper.

Style Flare Jeans

Flare jeans require style flair. You can’t rely on its dramatic silhouette alone, so we have fashion tips for trendsetters.

From heeled boots to the French tuck, you can spice up your look.

For added height, heeled leather boots are a must. Not only do they elongate the legs, they prevent pants from dragging. Boxy silhouettes pair well with flared jeans’ fitted nature. Of course, don’t wear a XXL top. If you prefer minimalism, add a belt to your outfit. Think western silver buckles instead of Gucci for a vintage spin. Most flare jeans are high-waisted. With that in mind, a front-tuck helps even out proportions.

Avoiding Flare Jeans Fashion

Congrats! You’re a flare jeans pro. Now that the creative juices are flowing, that dull closet is full of potential.

You can wear what you want, but there are some style no-nos to avoid. To avoid the fashion police, here are some flare jeans tips.

Exaggerated bell bottoms: If your pant hem can fit a car tire, donate them. It’s also a walking hazard. Yes, cuffing will help shorten an elongated hem, but don’t use it as a permanent fix. If you can tailor jeans, remove any excess material.
Ankle booties: Boots cut below the hem of jeans. Long shoes pass the fashion test.
If you wear knee-high boots, don’t tuck in your jeans. Tucking causes bunching and bulking.

How to wash flare jeans

Contrary to popular belief, jeans should never be laundered. Wash them sparingly to preserve their quality. But we’ll show you how to clean your flared jeans at home.

  • Unstained jeans can be frozen to remove bacteria and foul odors.
  • Wash cold with gentle detergent.
  • Harsh solutions like bleach cause color bleed.
  • Don’t dry jeans. Doing so increases shrinkage risk.
  • Let them dry naturally instead

Best Flare Jeans Shops

Do flare jeans look good? I think it’s a rhetorical question now that we listed 10 bell-bottom outfits.

Listed below are some stores we recommend:

  • Reformation 
  • Levis 
  • Wranglers 
  • Everlane 
  • Urban Outfitters

As we live in COVID-19, we cling to nostalgic fashion trends more. The 1970s are full of colorful clothing fads.

Flared jeans aren’t exclusive to Saturday Night Fever, but they were the Twiggy era’s “it” garment.

Bell bottoms are groovy, form-fitting, and flattering, so it’s no wonder they survived years of “fashion recycling.”

I hope you can rock flare jeans. From hippie-inspired to modern elegance, our list has it all.