How to Wear a Graphic Custom T-Shirt with Style?

Graphic tees can hardly go out of style. They exist since the 1960s and the 70’s when Beatles’ fans made graphic tees the iconic apparel by showing loyalty to the band. The graphics on the t-shirt can make any plain tee transform into jazzy apparel.

Custom T-shirts with graphic styles on them are a rage these days. The graphics can be anything under the sun. It depends on how far you can go in your imagination and, of course, how bold. From a tiny logo to a sprawled design, graphics can add drama to your apparel.

You can go sexy; you can go bizarre. You can choose to be subtle or go wild. The choice is yours. You need not worry about how the design will be done. Leave this to the professionals.

Pair your graphic garment with skinny jeans or a comfy pair of jeans or maybe a skirt or a pair of shorts. Complete the look with an oversized bag (these are in vogue this season) and chunky heels.

Baggy jeans are hot this season. Pair a well-fit graphic tee with a pair of classy baggy jeans. Don’t forget to wear heels.

Or you can pair them with shorts. Keep your legs bare. Wear only flip-flops for the utterly casual mood.

How to get a graphic on your T-shirt?

It’s easy, thanks to a reputable custom T-shirt shop. They are pros in designing tees. They don’t do just graphics; they also do embroidery.

Embroidery on a T-shirt? Yes, that gives the garment an extraordinary look.

The professionals use various methods for designing shirts. A few examples are:

  • Direct-to-garment printing
  • Direct-to-film printing
  • Screen printing
  • Embroidery

How to wear a graphic custom tee?

  • First of all, you must exude oodles of confidence. You cannot be conscious while wearing graphic apparel. So, design a graphic only when you are confident enough to carry it. Otherwise, you may choose a small logo design or embroidery design.
  • Choose a graphic that speaks your style. Do not copy anybody. If the graphic on the shirt does not agree with your style statement, you will be overly conscious. It’s no joy to wear such a garment.
  • Choose from a variety of graphic designs by esteemed designers like Custom Shirt Printings. The more variety you have, the more chance of getting what you truly want.
  • Got an oversized graphic tee by mistake? Worry not. Tie its ends on the front in a cute knot. Or you can tuck it sideways to create a cool look.
  • Retro styles are evergreen. Have atleast one in your wardrobe.

Avoid this mistake

Do not iron the graphic image on your custom T-shirt. Always iron graphic tees inside out. Also, depending on the fabric, not all tees require ironing. Only the 100 percent cotton ones are prone to serious creases.

Get a graphic tee today!

With easy design available online, do not miss this marvelous piece of apparel. You can also make your own shirt. Reputable designing shops let customers create their own designs.