How to Wash a Persian Carpet and Mistakes Not To Be Made

How to wash a Persian carpet and the mistakes you should never make in order not to risk ruining it.

Washing carpets in general is one of the most complicated tasks to perform in the home, both for the undisputed difficulty in carrying it out easily, and for the risk of using too aggressive tools and products that could ruin them irreversibly. In the case of cleaning a Persian carpet , then, our difficulties are tripled, especially in consideration of its great value, a peculiarity that forces us to consider a possible washing with all the necessary concerns.

So what to do? Postponing is useless, as well as being harmful to us too; in fact, it is well known that rugs, if not periodically cleaned, become the natural receptacle for all forms of dirt (dust, soil, food residues) and parasites (mites), all of which are not indifferent risk factors that can determine the occurrence allergies and infections, as well as significantly worsening the quality of the air we breathe in the home.

So how do you wash a Persian carpet ? There are two alternatives available: either we entrust the carpet to specialized companies (any retailer, if he does not make it himself, will still be able to direct us), or we wash it by ourselves, with all the precautions that the operation requires.

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In the case of this second option, it seems useful to draw a small list of things to never do when cleaning or washing a Persian carpet.

  1. Never use the carpet cleaner.
  2. Use the vacuum cleaner only occasionally, and never at maximum power, because we could ruin the fleece of the carpet.
  3. Never use cleaning products, trichloroethylene, chemical solvents, cleaners in general.
  4. In the presence of stains and incrustations do not treat with stain removers.
  5. Never rub with cloths or brushes in the opposite direction to that of the fleece.

Once these cleaning techniques have been discarded, we will be able to wash the Persian carpet with greater competence. If we have a small garden, an open space in general, or even a sufficiently large balcony or terrace, we can spread the carpet on the ground and water it with the water hose to remove the first layer of dirt. Subsequently we will pass on it, following the orientation of the fleece, a cloth (or even a brush with soft bristles) soaked with a solution of water and vinegar, possibly white. If our Persian carpet it is very dirty, we will have to do this several times, until we see the colors become bright again. So, to complete this phase, a light rinse with water will be enough.

Manual washing of Carpet Cleaning in Coventry

Alternatively, if we do not have open spaces available, we can wash the carpet inside the house, obviously not by watering it, but moistening it with water through a soaked cloth. For the rest, the procedure is identical to that reported above. It’s a matter of struggling a lot, it’s true, but in the end the results will be the same.

Once we have washed and rinsed our Persian carpet, we can concentrate on drying it. The latter must be completed in an absolutely natural way, by inverting the carpet to make the water flow away and letting the heat do the rest. Having to rely on the sun it is good to plan everything during the summer, when the chances of sudden rains are very low. If in fact, for some reason, our carpet remains damp for too long, it could irreparably ruin or even rot.

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