How to warm-up before an intense workout?

Warms ups are so important for us as they tend to prepare for muscle activity. Due to busy life routine, we just try to neglect warm-ups. Doing so can cause muscle strain, soreness, inflammation, and sometimes injury. When you are preparing your body for any type of intense activity, it is necessary to relax your muscles for a few minutes. In this way, your body automatically responds when muscles get lengthened, stretched, and activated. There are certain benefits that you get from warm-ups: they are increased flexibility, increased blood flow, and oxygen to the body, improved performance, less muscle strain, and joints-pain.


There is a wide range of warm-up activities, and you can merge a few warm-up workouts together to make them more effective. Similarly, dynamic movements are a type of exercise that makes your muscles and joints in motion, they help to prepare your body for intense exercise.

For example, movement-based stretching that is squats or lunges and slow movements like bicycle or jogging. Today we are going to tell you certain ways by which you can prepare your body for an intense can start with an easier way of every exercise before starting any intense workout.


Warming up by squats

Squats help us in improves posture and balance, burn calories, and strengthen the core. They also help in developing the muscle of the lower body like hamstring, glutes, and quads.

You can start doing squats in an easier way by bending to halfway and make them more interesting by wearing proper workout attire. We suggest you check out Born Tough’s workout tank tops that will keep you comfortable and enhance your performance.

How to perform it?

  1. Stand on the floor, with legs widely open and your toes, should be facing forward position.
  2. Your back should be straight, now lower your hips towards the ground until your thighs become parallel to the ground.
  3. Stay still with your knees over.
  4. Now take a breath and stand up.
  5. Make 1 to 3 sets of 12 to 15 reps of this exercise


Warming up with planks

Planks are good choice warm-ups that help in strengthening the spine and help in improving posture. They also help in building core, back muscles, and abdominal muscles as well.

How to perform it

  1. Keep your hands and toes on the ground, keep your back straight, don’t let your head and backdrop down on the floor.
  2. Make yourself in the push-up position, you can start doing it from your knees, from your forearms and if you are more expert in doing plank you can start it with your both arms fully extended.
  3. Keep holding your plank for 1 minute and 30 seconds.

Warming up with triceps.

Triceps warm-up helps in lowering the muscle tension and loosen our muscles of the triceps.

How to perform it

  1. First extend both of your arms, parallel to the ground, making your palms facing downwards to the ground.
  2. By keeping both your arms straight, rotate them in circular motion backward.
  3. Now after 20 to 30 seconds make your arms rotate in the forward position.
  4. After 20 to 30 seconds make your palm facing forward and make your arm moving back and forth
  5. Again after 20 to 30-second repeat the movement of your arm by moving up, down, and in the backward position.

6. Make 1 to 3 sets of it.

Lifting of the leg with the jogging

Jogging is actually a weight-bearing exercise and it tends to build bones stronger, increase the circulation of blood in your body. It also improves cardiovascular fitness. If there is less space you can jog there as well easily. You can do this warm-up exercise for one minute and 60 seconds. To perform at your fullest capability we suggest you use Born Tough’s workout shorts that will keep you agile and comfortable in your training sessions.


How to do leg lifting with jogging?

  1. Try to initiate jogging at a slow rate.
  2. After about one minute of jogging, lift up your knee moving towards your chest. You can jog also in a kicking position with your feet upward.
  3. Now again slower your jogging pace.

The time duration of warm-ups

Try to focus on muscle groups and start your warm-up exercise at a slow pace. Your body muscles need to get warmed up before starting an intense workout. Try to warm up your body for 5 to 10 minutes. The more intense your workout is, the more time you have to spend on warm-ups in order to prepare your muscles for a heavy workout.