How to Vlog: Your Simple Guide to Getting Started

There’s no doubt that vlogs are the most popular form of content right now. You may be tempted to start one, but you’re also wondering if it’s too late to learn how to vlog.

How can your vlog stand out when YouTube already has over 300 hours of video uploaded every minute?

Much like blogging and podcasting, video content helps you to share your unique voice and storey with the world. Here are some reasons why you should start a vlog and how to get started.

What exactly is a Vlog?

To begin with, what exactly is a vlog? What sets it apart from other forms of video?

As you probably guessed, ‘vlog’ stands for ‘video blog,’ and it’s just what it sounds like: content you’d write about in a blog post, but instead you speak to a camera about it.

There are two types of vlogs: a “talking-head” video in which the camera is mounted on a tripod (or on a stack of books, depending on your budget!) and a “documentary” video in which the camera is mounted on a tripod (or on a stack of books, depending on your budget!) a vlog in which the vlogger takes a camera with them and films clips as they go about their day or week, or a vlog in which the vlogger takes a camera with them and films clips as they go about their day or week.

The ascension of celebrity vloggers

It’s all too quick to get caught up in the elaborate side of YouTube that we always see in the media:

YouTubers are selling out stadiums around the country as part of national tours.

YouTubers are landing book deals and becoming bestsellers.

YouTubers can receive six figures only from pre-roll ads, not to mention brand sponsorships and merchandise sales.

But for every member of YouTube’s upper crust, there are countless more content creators filming and uploading to a more, shall we say, modestly sized audience.

If you’re just interested in starting a vlog for the sake of fame and fortune, you’re setting yourself up for failure. Out of the millions of channels on YouTube, only about 4,000 have more than one million subscribers. However, the beauty of vlogging is that you don’t need a million followers to provide and gain a great deal of value from your posts.

The Advantages of Vlogging in terms of Viewer Development

If you already have a blog or a podcast (or both), a vlog might introduce you to a whole new group of people. People consume content in a number of ways, and some choose to read, listen to, or watch stories or advice while others prefer to watch it.

More People are Paying Attention.

YouTube is rapidly becoming a primary source of entertainment, with an increasing number of people preferring YouTube videos over conventional television or even Netflix. We see real people and their real lives on YouTube much of the time, which makes the content even more relatable.

Create a Personal Bond.

Vlogging makes it much easier to establish a personal bond with your audience than blogging or podcasting. Even if it’s just via video, watching someone talking to you has a special meaning. You’re letting others into a small part of your life or thoughts when you vlog.

Increase Audience Loyalty.

Vlogging will help you create loyalty by engaging with your audience on a more personal level if you’ve already built an audience elsewhere. If you’re new to the content game, vlogging on YouTube, which is also the world’s second largest search engine, is a great place to start.

On YouTube, over one billion hours of content are viewed every day. That means you’ll be uploading the content to a location where it’s already being sought after.

One disadvantage of creating a YouTube following is that, unlike with your own website or email list, you do not have control of your audience. The only way to reach them is to create videos or use YouTube’s messaging system, all of which have drawbacks.

However, this simply means that you must put in the effort to convert a YouTube subscriber to an email subscriber. Your core audience will follow you to other channels as a result of the loyalty you create through vlogging, so think of YouTube subscribers as warm leads for your other ventures. Visit Mountas for more information regarding vlogging equipment and tips and tricks


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