How to Vlog with Your SmartPhone

The technology is evolving rapidly, and the need of storing every moment in the camera has become important.

People are struggling to get a better camera for their phones. The trend of vlogging is emerging in this era. People are crazy for starting a vlog. To provide the users with desired quality vidoes, mobile phone companies are also working to improve their phone by improving the quality and specifications of their products.

How to vlog with your phone?

If you are a beginner, you can start creating video content simply by vlogging with your phone. But it’s not about picking up a phone and recording a video.

You need to be consistent. Focus on making quality vidoes and keep on uploading to Youtube. 

If you want to run a successful vlog, come up with an idea and plan for it. Now that you have planned and done your homework, you can easily start your video recording.

Here are some things to keep in mind while vlogging:

●  Shoot the vidoe using unique angles. There are million of people making vidoes but you need to make video from unique angles to standout from the crowd.

● To create quality conten, use best mobile phone holder for video recording

●  If you are filming yourself, follow the rule of thirds. It’s the framing lesson, followed by the tic tac toe pattern. Try to cover the surrounding along your body in the frame. It will keep you audience engage throughout the vidoe. 

● Always edit your video before uploading it. That way, you can eliminate errors, intrusions, and unnecessary scenes in the video. Add some unique filters to make the vidoe more engaging. 

● If you are creating the vlog on an Android phone, edit it on the phone.

● Match the resolution of the video with the resolution of the finished product. There is a difference between the resolution with which you record the video and the video you export to load. Be sure to match both resolutions so that the video quality can be maintained.

● Also, always shoot in landscape mode, unless you are outdoors and you need to be on the move while recording video.

I hope this artilce will help you out in making vlog with your phone. Most of the famous Youtubers started their journey by making vidoes on phone. Now, the are dominating the Youtube and other video sharing platforms. 

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