How To View And Download Facebook Leads For Your Business?


In the modern day, social platforms have more than 100 million active users across the world. A recent study projected that there will be 6 Billion active users by the year 2027. Facebook is the leading social media platform having about 2.963 Billion Monthly active users. Businesses use this social media platform to attract more customers from across the world. Facebook Leads Ads is an amazing mobile-friendly and low-cost Ad tool preferred by many businesses. There are many ways to download facebook form leads such as manually, API, and even through automation in Facebook.

What Are Facebook Lead Ads?

Facebook Leads Ads is an amazing marketing tool suitable for easily reaching the target audience. These are also helpful for easily increasing sales. The innovative strategy is perfect for capturing prospects’ details with the call to action with the Ads. These Facebook Lead Ads can be demo requests, subscribing to newsletters, quotes, and more.

The strategy is helpful for collecting the user’s information within a few clicks. Facebook has more than 2.93 billion users, so these have a better way of generating leads. Connecting the Facebook Lead Ads lets you easily scale the lead generation methods. 

There are 3.71 billion people from across the world who have been using Meta Apps such as Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram. This will be a golden opportunity for all the advertisers to easily gain profitable facebook lead ad campaigns.

Establishing Facebook Lead Ads will be a great option to gain more numbers of customers in real-time. These will provide better results compared to the other marketing strategies.

For example, when a user clicks the Lead Ad of your company, then they will be presented with a pre-populated form with your company details. Clicking the submit button in Ads, the user will be added to your Facebook Lead Ads user. 

How To Get Leads From Facebook?

Normally, social media platforms such as Facebook provide various Ads formats. These will be varied based on the goals, such as promoting new products or increasing brand awareness. Many goals for most businesses is to generate new leads. Most important method for lead generating in Facebook Lead Ads is through

  • Click-To-Message:

The Click-to-Message are the leads click-to-message directly through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

  • Submit Contact Details:

The Submit Contact Details involves submitting the contact details using the website contact form, Facebook Lead Ads, and many others

Download Facebook Leads On Desktop And Mobile:

Normally, Facebook Page’s Form Library plays an important role in Facebook Lead Ads. These are quite helpful for collecting all the contact data of the user, like the lead’s name, email address, phone number, preferences, and more.

It is the data available on social media such as Facebook for about three months from the date new leads are submitted. You can easily download your Facebook lead data within this time period.

You can also get Facebook automatically deletes records in a more convenient manner. It is also quite convenient to save leads to the database automatically.

These data are most important for providing a better user experience. Access the Facebook leads even from your mobile devices or desktop. Below is some of the best way to easily access Facebook leads from your mobile devices or desktop

  • Accessing the leads in Facebook Leads Centre
  • Get lead alerts and automatically 
  • Add leads to CRM with Integrations 
  • Free Facebook Leads Viewer tools

How To Download Facebook Leads Manually?

Many people use the CSV/XLS feature for downloading Facebook leads. These can only be accessed through desktop devices. Accessing the Facebook Leads through the Facebook Ads Manager and Facebook Page are the conventional methods. These are an easier and more time-consuming process. 

Below are the steps for manually downloading the Facebook leads from Facebook Page:

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Click on the Flag icon
  • Open the Facebook Page
  • Tap on Publishing Tools
  • Hit ‘Forms Library
  • Click ‘Download’ in the ‘Leads’ column
  • Click ‘Download New Leads’
  • Click CSV or XLS
  • Download your lead data

You can easily repeat the complete process for getting each lead. The process is quite simple for accessing the Facebook leads through the Facebook Page. You can also access your Facebook Leads through Ads Manager. 

Follow the below steps for downloading the Facebook Leads using Ads Manager:

  • Log into your Facebook account
  • Open the Ads Manager
  • Tap Ads tab
  • Click ‘Facebook Leads’ in the results column
  • Open ‘Download New Leads’
  • You will see the form name with the number of leads
  • Click CSV or XLS to download your lead data to the computer

How To View Facebook Leads On Mobile?

Facebook Lead Ads are one of the best ways to target mobile users. More than 98.5% of Facebook active users have been accessing using their mobile devices. Facebook uses the specialized UI to reach more audiences.

More than 69% of U.S. adults have been using Facebook, and about 98% of facebook users are accessing through mobile phones. Targeting people through this platform is quite a significant option for saving time. 

Below are the steps for viewing Facebook leads on mobile:

  • Open
  • Click on three dots
  • Open drop-down menu
  • Click “Request desktop site.”
  • View the full Facebook desktop site
  • Open the Facebook Page
  • Click on Publishing Tools
  • Click ‘Forms Library
  • Hit ‘Download’ in the ‘Leads’ column
  • Click ‘Download New Leads’


Facebook Lead Ads allow marketers to easily access the leads instantly. These significantly allow the sales team to make quick action. Interest-based targeting with these Facebook form leads is helpful for businesses to gain more users.

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