How to utilize flag advertising effectively at local events

Your local event is coming up – you may have looked into various
different options for advertising, but what about flags? And how do you use
them effectively? Advertising flags such as ultimate flags are a great way to promote your business at a
local event. They can be placed outside your stall or even on the way to the
location – and an added bonus is that you can keep these for outside your
business after the event has passed. They can be used not only to advertise
certain business messages but also any offers you are running, or you can even
use them in areas with high footfall to increase brand awareness. The
portability of flags means that you can easily move these as and when you feel
the need to in order to attract customers. Flags are straightforward to assemble, and if you purchase from xsign, come complete with a flag, pole and the option of a base and
carry bag, giving you the ultimate ease of storage and ability to carry your
flags around easily. If you’re on this page, you are probably already thinking about
the options you have, so let’s dive straight in and look at some of the many
benefits of using flags as advertising at your next event.

They are customizable

You’ll need to include your brand logo on your flag, but you can also include messaging and relevant imagery – as eye-catching as possible – so they can be spotted anywhere, be remembered ad-related back to your business.

There are a number of different shapes to choose from, including rectangular sail flags, feather-shaped flags and teardrop-shaped – the one you decide on is really a personal preference and depends on where you want to put them.

Teardrop-shaped flags

This name is explained by their unusual shape which resembles a teardrop, which can be used for both indoor and outdoor settings. They are also reasonably good in windy conditions. Compared to traditional flags, they are not as affected by gusts of wind or any other similar adverse weather conditions.

Feather shaped flags

In the same way as teardrop-shaped, they are named due to their shape. However, they are not as light as inferred from the name. They are not only sturdy but can stand their ground during weather that is less than desirable. Due to this, they tend themselves for outdoor settings – stable, even if the weather is not particularly stable. Feather advertising flags can range from 4 meters to other shapes and sizes that are smaller.

Feather or teardrop will probably work best for you at an event as they won’t cause as much of a disturbance on pathways! Rectangular shaped tend to work best for advertising at the roadside – if someone is driving or walking past on a busy road, they will be able to see your flag from afar.

Putting them together? Piece of cake!

Compared to a number of different methods of outdoor advertising, flags are ridiculously easy to put together. Large signs, billboards and the like require multiple people or even an external party to construct. You can simply put together a flag by yourself should you need to. On top of this, cutting down the time you spend putting up your advertising for the day gives you more time to talk to potential customers – and thus potentially maximizing your sales.

They are an inexpensive way to advertise

Advertising costs can ramp up quickly – especially when it comes
to digital advertising. And in this day and age where digital is at the
forefront of any advertising campaign, it can be easy to forget about more traditional
methods. Saving costs where you can is essential to run the digital campaigns
you want to, so cheap and efficient advertising like this is a great way to do
so. The benefits of flags as well are that there are no ongoing costs.
Once you have them, unless your messaging, logo or offers change – you can keep
using them for as long as you need to.

You can put them in an effective location

The fact that flags are vertical is a massive bonus as horizontal
space can be limited. In the case of your local event, the options depend on
the venue, but after this, you can advertise your business in the street with
just a few feet. You can advertise within a busy space but without getting in
the way. Feather flags are recommended in this situation as busy crowds can
make it hard for your business to be seen and make your location known.

Flags are portable

It’s never been more straightforward to advertise at the roadside
– flags empower you with the ability to advertise in a location convenient for
you and your business. They are lightweight, easily portable, windproof and
weather resistant. You can also change the location as and when you see fit –
this is especially useful if your shop moves around. You can also check the
footfall or traffic fall to your advertising and move to a prime spot as and
when you like.

You’ll be seen!

The use of flags in advertising is a great way to get people’s
eyes on your brand – people walking and driving past will see your brand and
remember you – whether they remember they do or not! If you are smart with your
branding, you can get people to subconsciously remember you, so whilst they
might not contact you for your services straight away, you’ll be in the back of
their mind. If there’s something new like a product you have in mind to
promote or a special event, advertising flags are one of the best ways to
promote it.

Utilizing your flags effectively depends on the space you have. You have options in sizes and printing – we’d recommend using a designer to ensure the design pops and is memorable – but if your flags are placed in the optimum position (which, as mentioned, depends on the venue your event is held), your company won’t be forgotten!


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