How to use your phone in the UK – Mobile networks and SIM cards for tourists, visitors, and new residents

If you’ve just arrived in the UK or are planning to visit on a short-term holiday, it can be confusing deciding how to use your cell phone. There are two main ways of using your mobile phone while abroad: either by roaming on your regular domestic SIM card (in which case you will need an unlocked handset) or purchasing a SIM card from providers with shops throughout the country. This article will differentiate these two options and highlight some of the best value prepaid SIM cards for tourists, visitors, and new residents to the UK.

Wireless phone use in the United Kingdom is available through four companies: EE, O2, Three & Vodafone. Each company offers service to 99% of the UK population through GSM (2G), WCDMA and HSPA (3G), and LTE (4G). So far, there are now 5G towers scattered across

Get a UK SIM Card:

Traveling to the UK is as easy as walking into a store and purchasing a prepaid SIM card. You won’t need any identification documents, but your phone should be unlocked from your carrier to work on the UK networks.

When you’re ordering your SIM card for international use, order one in advance. It isn’t easy to find international SIM cards once you reach the UK.

The method of getting a SIM card can be overwhelming, so we’ve created a list of recommended providers. At present, giffgaff is ranked first because they offer free international delivery and pricing comparable to the other providers on this list. Unlike any of the other networks, it also provides international texting without fees. Check out the Giffgaff top up voucher code.

On Giffgaff, you can also register and top up your SIM card with a credit or debit card outside the United Kingdom. Unlike other networks, most of which require a UK-based bank account to use when topping up your SIM card.

If you’re planning to head abroad, you must know how your phone will work in the UK. The primary thing to check is whether or not your phone works with a SIM card from one of our networks – EE, O2, and Three. You’ll also need a new SIM if you want to use mobile data and make calls and texts (or vice versa). Once you’ve done this, then there are other things worth considering before arriving in the country. For example, do I need an international roaming package? What about text messages back home? And what should I do when traveling through different regions within the UK? Check out the EE Top-up voucher code online for more.