How to Use TSP Cleaner before Painting Cabinets?

TSP cleaner is one of the most important items you must have while looking for refurbishing. Painting the cabinets means it’s time to remove the oil and grease. If the oil and grease are not removed, the cabinet and the painting may get damaged.

Are you still worried about searching for the best grease remover?

Well, TSP or TriSodium Phosphate is the perfect cleaner for you!

Why is having TSP the best alternative over other cleaners?

It is because of its excellent efficiency, that binds with the grease and aids its removal. By weakening the bonds of the mildew and stains, they are easily removed, thus making the paint last even longer.

If you are searching for the perfect guide as to how you should TSP to remove the stains, this is the right place for you!

Guide to cleaning using the TSP cleaner

While you are planning to use the TSP cleaner to rub off the stains, it is important that you take proper protection beforehand.

Using the right gloves with improved protection is always the best solution!

In a mug of water, mix the TSP powder. Ensure that the water is warm, such that the dissolution is quicker.

Once the liquid TSP solution is ready, use a scrubber and dip it into the mug.

Once the scrubber is ready, make sure you clean the cupboard, by rubbing it slowly over the cupboard.

While you are rubbing, take special care that there is no direct contact of the TSP with the hand. You can also wear plastic in your hand, and prevent any further contamination.

Once the cleaning is done, bring a mug of clean water. Take a proper cloth, dip it in the mug and wash it all over the cupboard.

After the rinsing is complete, let the water dry, before you start painting on the cupboard.

TSP also acts as a wonderful grease remover.

Grease is generally deposited in the areas close to your kitchen. So, if you are planning to re-paint a wonderful cabinet near the kitchen area, it is always better than a TSP cleaner to remove the grease.

A word of caution if you are having mahogany wood. TSP might just darken the woods, and you might get disappointed.

So, be prepared for it!

Other than that, use proper glasses and hand gloves for protecting yourself.

TSP is regarded as the best cleaner, but it also brings about some disadvantages.

Let us look into why TSP is slowly getting defeated as a cleaner.

Why are people moving away from TSP cleaners?

The latest concern towards nature conservation is making everyone move away from TSP cleaners.

Eutrophication is the major reason why TSP is receiving a lot of criticism. As the runoff water is mixed with the water bodies, the aquatic life is affected. It leads to clogging of the sunlight, thus making the water bodies almost dead.

With no aquatic life, these water bodies are losing their habitat. This is why people are slowly moving away from TSP cleaners.

Are the alternatives better competitors to TSP cleaners?
Well, we would have to wait and watch!