How to Use Third Party Flash on Canon – Step by Step

At the point when I was an amateur in photography, I used to try different things with each and everything. Only one thing I needed to continue rehearsing more than the normal time that is – camera lighting. I wanted to play with the off-camera light, yet didn’t know about what I need and from where do I start! At that point, I started testing different highlights and outside flashes.

I am certain a significant number of you are confronting a similar issue. Canon’s flashes can tackle the entirety of your issues in regards to lighting. Peruse this article and get the bit by bit control on how to use canon flash on your adored camera.


Have these things before we start;

  1. Canon DSLR with the inherent function of remote flash.
  2. A perfect Speedlite that can be set to slave.
  3. Another Speedlite. (optional on the off chance that you need to use more than one light at once)

How to Use Third Party Flash on Canon?


This present article’s main role is to reveal to you how to set up the flash framework with the outer flash on a Canon DSLR. The menu is fundamentally the same as or practically indistinguishable for any camera, and it’s on the every one of the models in today’s market. Worry don’t as well, you will have the option to set the flash regardless of whether you have some different models.


Step 1: First of all, we should ensure that the camera is set to the manual mode. One can discover it on the dial which is for the most part given upon the camera. It gives us full control.


Step 2: We additionally need to ensure that we have a flash on the hot shoe with completely crisp batteries. Additionally, it must be initiated. It gives us the synchronization with our camera. We are going to turn it on.


Step 3: Now, we will go to the menu setting. (Here, you will go into the principal icon of the camera.)


Step 4: After that, we should look down to where it says ‘Flash Control.’ And once we do that, we should hit the ‘set’ button.


Step 5: After the flash control setting, we need to look down to the outside flash setting. Get the ‘set’ button once more. We should have it so we can work with a flash.

Here, you either have it set to ‘Manual’ or ‘TTL.’ I used to have it set to the ‘Manual’ as I am being an old school, however it is up to you what you need to pick or for which option you are agreeable!


Step 6: Then, we can change the yield of the flash. This controls the yield of your flash paying little respect to your setting on the flash. Along these lines, in the event that I chop down the force proportion right down to 1/8 or 1/16, at that point the camera will enable the flash to give that measure of yield only.

We ought to consistently ensure that we should have this measure of intensity by which we need to start on our outside flash.

Note: I ordinarily need it on one to one and that way I can transform it physically on the flash screen itself. That is the manner in which I can supersede it on the flash and not on the camera. Be that as it may, in the event that you do it thusly, you should turn it off once you set it and furthermore spare it for all future shooting situations.


Step 7: If you need to add another flash to the configuration, simply set the second Speedlite as a slave on a similar channel and synchronize it.


That is it. This is the fundamentals of how to use the best canon flash with the Canon DSLRs. I won’t be amazed in the event that you locate some different approaches to do it all the more rapidly, however according to me, this is the most straightforward approach to configure the outside flashes. I trust you will likewise discover this methodology supportive and direct. Continue overhauling yourself with bunches of tests. Snap and gain delightful experiences! Click here to check out the Best Third Party Flash For Canon.