How to use the service of the HostGator and change the name of the domain?

As we see that in today’s time, there are lots of websites on the internet. Or we can say everything we get on the internet through these websites. Because everyone is now using the internet and that’s why every business person or newcomers take the support of the internet to promote their work or themselves. But for this, they need a platform where they can show themselves. A platform where they can come live and give their sessions, they can advertise their products or about their work or business. And for this, they need a website and a domain.

But it is also true if you having your website and domain then you have to manage many things. Even in the starting, when you think about to come on the internet world and meet with online people, you have to use the website where you can do anything that you want and no one can stop you to do anything, and all this one can do only on their website.

Connect with HostGator to use the domain and website

For this, they have to buy a website and a domain. Without them, it is impossible, that they make their own identity. And for this, there are many online service provider companies are available that provide the domain and the website as well. The name of the company is HostGator. This is the best company that provides both services: A website and a domain. This is the main key feature of this company that makes it popular and famous as well.

When you can make contact with HostGator they provide a discount to you on your first activation. You can use the 1 cent hosting, which means the offer they provide their new clients. You have to apply the coupon when you are going to make payment, and you will get a heavy discount on the use of their services. Otherwise, the charges are too costly. But they know that everyone cannot afford the much investment in the starting of their business or work. That’s why they provide various discounts and offers for their clients. So, they can easily use the services and make their first step in the world of the internet and host a site or a blog.

Can I change my domain name on HostGator?

Many of the people, when they use the domain from the HostGator they have a question that they want to change the name of the domain. Can they make changes in the name of the domain, so they can use it as their domain? And now we are going to answer this question. Yes, one can change the name of their primary domain. They just have to follow some of the steps and they can change the name of the domain in just minutes.

Let’s see the steps that you have to follow:

  1. Firstly, log into your customer portal.
  2. By chance, if you don’t forget your password, then you can click on the forgotten password button. Then follow the instructions to email to the primary email address or file.
  3. Now, select hosting that is showing on the left-hand side menu, of the screen.
  4. After that select the package that you want to get or update.
  5. On the next step, click on settings.
  6. Now, the settings menu will appear on the screen.
  7. On the right-hand side of the menu, click on the change domain.
  8. Now, you can enter the new domain name, that you want to use and click on the update domain button.
  9. When you click on the update domain button, you will get a notification that your domain name is successfully updated.

These are the simple and easy steps to change the name of the primary domain that you have to follow and change the name in just some minute. Even you have to keep many things in your mind when you use the domain name and want to change it. Because you cannot make changes officially in the domain name. You have to contact the HostGator and know about their services and instructions.

Note: You have to keep one thing in your mind, that this will change only the domain setup name on the server. This will not change the setup of your new domain name. If you want to set up a new domain then you have to always connect with the HostGator at