How To Use The Feature Of Virtual Background In Zoom Meeting

In past days, everyone loves to spend time together with family and friends at a small place and enjoy all together. Everyone loves to meet in-person in older times but the technology has been changed now. Now you can meet your family, friends, loved ones, and colleagues anywhere by using new technologies like video conferencing. You should be very thankful for the new technology that offers you such a platform that allows you to make a video call. You can get connected with your friends and family whether you are far away from them. There are many video conferencing application platforms that are popular nowadays such as Zoom, Skype, Google Duo, FaceTime, and the list is wide.


Zoom is one of the most popular video conferencing platforms that many organizations can use for online business meetings. The employees frequently use the Zoom application who works remotely. Zoom is the first choice for millions of people who are using video conferencing applications to execute professional tasks and to organize and attend the business meeting online.


It is not possible to make a perfect home office. While working from home, you are free to attend the call at the dining table or in the bedroom or on a sofa. A survey says that more than 80% of people work from their bedroom or dining table. Zoom has a feature of virtual background to hide your unorganized or messy backgrounds. The use of virtual backgrounds helps you to maintain your privacy of private places by hiding the surroundings.


You just need to use free customized zoom virtual backgrounds and experience a great video calling.

Let us discuss how to use the virtual background for your Zoom meetings. This will help you to improve your online meetings and make them more interesting by adding a lot of fun while working from home.


What is Zoom?

Zoom is a well known video conferencing platform that is very popular among people that allow them to connect to their family and friends virtually through video or audio calls. There is a free subscription of the Zoom application where 100 participants can attend a video conferencing call. You can have a feature of recording the meeting for further use. You only need your webcam or android phone to attend Zoom meetings. A Zoom Room refers to a physical hardware system that allows you to schedule and hold the online business meetings through Zoom application from their conference rooms. You can get this feature only after a paid subscription.


Zoom help center will give a long list of technical requirements that you will require to fulfill to use Free Virtual Team Backgrounds on your devices. If you have a new system, you will never face any trouble in using the Zoom application and the feature of virtual backgrounds including the newly added virtual backgrounds also. If you have a PC or laptop with the older version of the operating system, you can use the feature of virtual background but to get better results in virtual background, you need to use a green screen.


Zoom offers you to add or change your original background to the virtual background very easily:

  • Sign in to the video conferencing application “Zoom
  • Click on profile photo and select “Settings
  • Check the box “I have a green screen” whether you have a green color background or not
  • Click on the video to choose the color that is matching to your video call background.
  • Choose the image or picture that you want to choose as your virtual background or you may use your own background by clicking the “+” icon and then upload a photo or video of your choice. You can use the diverse free Virtual Office design to accomplish your requirements.


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