How to Use Signage to Turn Your Commercial Vehicle in a Mobile Billboard

Commercial advertisement of any nature is an expensive venture that businesses have to undertake. When making such an investment, organizations aim at maximizing their Return on Investment (ROI) by ensuring that the advertisement reaches as many people as possible. Importantly, such an advertisement should turn the audience into paying customers. For this reason, placing the advert at strategic locations is as important as the message it carries.

Over the last couple of years, branding on commercial vehicles has gained traction. From small vehicles to large trucks crisscrossing counties and states, vehicle branding has become a preferred way of reaching a large pool of potential customers. If graphics used to brand these cars are done in the right way, it can register the desired results. Here are some considerations to make it highly effective.


Right Colors and Shapes

Unlike a static billboard erected by the roadside, your audience may not have the luxury of viewing a mobile advert for as long as they want. They probably only have a small short period as the vehicle passes by. Putting this into consideration, it is essential that you catch their attention right fast and efficiently/. Using bright colors and bold catchy shapes are one way of getting the attention of your audience from quickly.

Go for something striking while remaining relevant and maintain the main theme of your mobile billboard. The easier you make it to read the higher your chances of getting noticed and ensuring your audience retains the message.


Choose Your Message Creatively

Perhaps the most important message for your mobile billboard is the message. What would you like to your audience to remember when the vehicle has zoomed past them and vanished into the horizon? If you answer this question, you will be in a position to craft a message that is outstanding, precise, and to the point. Again, bear in mind that it’s a race against time, and the faster you manage to put the message across the better higher your chances of scoring and landing a client.

Regardless of how small or big, your business is, a mobile billboard will not carry too much information. Therefore, you have to carefully choose what to place on the car and what to leave out. There are a number of ways to choose your message:


  • If you are running a short time marketing that is already running on mainstream platforms, you can enhance it with mobile billboards
  • Ensure that you have contact information well placed within your billboard. This is of great importance because people need to know how to get in touch.
  • Use a memorable feature, tagline, or individual to ensure that the message hits and sticks with your audience.

Working with a branding company such as Car Signage Brand Hero dramatically increases your success rate. The design and positioning of your message require a good structure that is well organized.


Know the potential audiences choose the right car

Your organization may have a fleet of small and large vehicles of all sizes including trucks. Ultimately, all these vehicles will take different routes on any given day. This means that you will interact with a wide range of audiences along the way. 

In light of this, choose the cars to be branded carefully to ensure the maximum impact of your mobile billboards. The size of the car will also determine the nature of the signage to be put in place. However, the key issue here is to ensure that whatever direction the vehicle takes on a given day, it’s bound to have an impact on your marketing campaign.

Through research, businesses are able to determine and establish their target markets. This also applies to vehicle billboards. You don’t even need to have similar billboards on all your vehicles. Depending on the products you intend to promote, you can have different billboards for different vehicles. You can also have billboards interchangeably from time to time so that as many people are impacted your adverts. 


Ensure Employees Feel Appreciated

It would be a counterproductive affair to have a billboard on a company vehicle that is driven by a rogue employee. Remember at all times that the signage you put up is part and parcel of the larger organization. In this regard, any action including errors of commission and omission by your employees will have an impact on your marketing campaign.

If, for instance, you have a company vehicle with a well laid out signage but driven by a rogue driver, you certainly expect some negative feedback from other road users. Make all effort to have your employees represent you just as well as you expect the mobile billboard to do.


Avoid Biased and Encryptic Messages 

Humor is a good way of putting a message across. However, consumers have become increasingly sensitive to the kind of information they consume, including coded humor.

In your advertisement avoid messages that would be interpreted as political, racial, religious, or tribal biased. Remember, your aim is to pull people closer to you from far and wide using company vehicles as your tools. It helps to be sensitive in your message.



Advertising through mobile billboards is just one way of utilizing marketing campaigns. Indeed, if it is well thought out and done in the right way, it has the potential to reap in great returns for your business. This notwithstanding, it is important to combine mobile advertising with other marketing strategies for more impact in your business.

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