How to use roofers Cumbernauld?

Building & Housing Scotland has put together this handy guide for contractors, tradespeople and the general public on the use of the public roof spaces at roofers Cumbernauld works.

Inspect the roof when the weather is fine before any work begins. Maintain it and check all required working conditions. Do not carry out work when wind speed exceeds 6 metres per second. Work must stop if the wind speeds are unsafe, blowing tiles, dust and mud onto the roof, damaging the roof or causing it to collapse.

Before undertaking any roofing works or maintenance to the roofs, make sure you:

  • Consider the site layout
  • Meet any health and safety requirements
  • Check for any other potential hazards

The following works and maintenance should not be undertaken on a roof:

  • Roof maintenance
  • Provision of water and drainage pipes
  • Drains, tanks, drains, downpipes, sanitary works, doors and gates
  • Installing water and drainage pipes
  • Installation of a pipework management system
  • Installation of access holes
  • Installation of large diameter drainpipes
  • Installation of large diameter sanitary sewer pipes
  • Installation of ducts or trap doors
  • Installation of chimney connections
  • Installing a ventilation system
  • Installation of boilers and vents
  • Installation of pumps and motors
  • Installation of screens, membranes or other water handling devices
  • Installation of air-handling devices
  • Installation of sprinklers
  • Installing or reusing paving slabs
  • Flooring materials
  • Roofing protection
  • Install/remove walls, ramps or building access ways on the roof
  • Contractor must do roof safety checks

The first time contractors use any roof spaces should ensure that they complete a safety inspection to check all required working conditions are present.

Housing Scotland can be contacted on 0300 123 5000 to discuss roof space safety issues and help you ensure that no hazards exist on any of the roofs in your area.

Employees must not be allowed on any roof and anyone who may come into contact with the roof should wear suitable clothing, including a high visibility vest, at all times when working on or near the roof space.

It is a criminal offence to remove or damage any roof spaces without first providing written notice of your intention and warning signs to ensure that work is carried out safely.

You must ensure that your employees are suitably trained to use the roof space equipment and they must have adequate authority and control over the safety of the people working on the roof.

Announcing the launch of this guide, Gail Smith, Chair of Housing Scotland, said: “As we all know there are many roof spaces at works in Scotland but the majority of these are private property owned by the contractor. “We have a responsibility to make sure these roof spaces are used safely.