How to use QuickBooks Conversion Tool? 

Planning to switch your QuickBooks edition to another one? Or want to convert your company file from another program to QuickBooks? Well, in such scenarios, what comes in handy is QuickBooks Conversion Tool. This tool generally helps to convert the company file from another program. It completes all sorts of conversion task, regardless of the complexity and never compromises with the data security. From conversion of QuickBooks to QuickBooks desktop premier, pro or enterprise solutions is possible using this tool. To help you with the conversion process, we have drafted this article right here sharing the complete details related to QuickBooks conversion tool. Let us have a look: 

What it can convert? 

  1. Account, employee, item, customer, and vendor lists. 
  2. Account balances 
  3. Customer and vendor transactions 
  4. Employee profile and contact info 
  5. Payroll general ledge account balance info 
  6. Paychecks 

What can’t be converted? 

  1. Payroll transactions and employee year-to-date info. 
  2. Work tickets 
  3. Fixed Assets 
  4. Individual employee wage or deduction information 
  5. Closed or partially closed sales orders, purchase orders, and estimates. 

It should be noted that, you can only convert versions of Sage 50 and QuickBooks from the same region. For example, if you are having US version of Sage 50, then you might have to convert it to a US version of QuickBooks only. 

Steps to download QuickBooks Desktop Conversion Tool 

You can download QuickBooks conversion tool using the set of steps enumerated below: 

  1. At first, you need to download the QuickBooks conversion tool
  2. Once done with that, look for and open the folder consisting of the downloaded file. 
  3. The next step is to right click on the QuickBooks conversion tool icon and also choose properties tab
  4. Moving ahead, you need to choose the checkbox to run this program compatibility for and then choose from the dropdown the window operating system being used. 
  5. Now, click on ok tab
  6. And towards the end, right click the file i.e., QuickBooksconversiontoolsetup.exe and click on run as admin. 
  1. This will now begin the installation process. 

Steps to use QuickBooks Conversion Tool effectively 

Making use of the below discussed steps, you can make the best out of the conversion tool. 

  1. The very first step is to double click the conversion tool and open it. 
  2. Once done with that, choose one of the two options that would appear on the screen i.e., My client company or my own company. 
  3. The next step is to choose accounting software. 
  4. Also, hit next and opt for the company file and click on next tab again. 
  5. You will now need to choose the QuickBooks product and further head to the folder tab where you have saved the company file. 
  6. Now, hit next
  7. And navigate to the conversion levels as per the list which you see on the screen and also click on next tab. 
  8. You will now have to choose accounting preferences as per the date and name of the company. 
  9. Also, hit next tab. 
  10. Towards the end, check all the details for the last time and click on start tab.
  11. Once the process ends, you need to click on finish tab. 

Steps to convert from Quicken to QuickBooks Desktop 

An important point to note is that Quicken 2011 or the earlier version users can simply switch to QuickBooks Desktop 2024 or any version of QB using the set of steps listed below: 

  1. At first, download the QuickBooks conversion tool. 
  2. In case you are converting to QuickBooks of same year from Quicken of same year, then the tool is not required. This tool might help you when QuickBooks is newer than Quicken.
    1. You will first have to launch Quicken converter and further click on next tab. 
    2. Also, accept the terms in the license agrement
    3. Once done with that, click on next and install options. 
    4. Further, you need to opt for launch quicken converter and hit finish tab. 
    5. You will now have to select I am transferring data from Quicken to windows option and then select get started. 
    6. After that, choose open a data file located on this system option and further browse the file by clicking on the file tab. 
    7. Also click on convert or ok tabs. 
    8. And then, click on save to save the updated quicken file and select exit option. 
  3. After completing these steps, launch QuickBooks. 
  4. Further move to the file and utilities tab.
  5. Also, opt for the convert and from Quicken option. 
  6. And towards the end, perform the onscreen prompts. 


Downloading, installing and using conversion tool becomes easy, once the above discussed steps are incorporated. This tool makes it quick and smooth to switch from any program to QuickBooks. Hope this article has helped in you making the most of the QuickBooks conversion tool and migrate to QB successfully. 

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