How To Use Promotional Merchandise in Australia to Build a Brand

A merchandise (merch) marketing strategy involves more than distributing T-shirts imprinted with the company logo. A robust strategy is key to the success of your marketing campaign.

Some companies often ignore the value of promotional merchandise as a marketing strategy. Though it is the traditional option, it will yield results that modern algorithms cannot.

The creation and use of promotional merch enable clients and consumers to identify with the brand. It helps generate trust and build a relationship that serves as a more personal link than e-mail spam and computer-generated campaigns.

When used effectively, merch marketing can be a vital marketing initiative for a company. Not only will it help a person learn the ropes of the business better but can also create a strong connection with the community.

Over the years, promotional merch has become a popular addition to advertising and marketing strategies because of its ability to help raise brand awareness. Promotional items are ideal for small businesses since they are versatile and cost-effective. Other modes of marketing like print and radio ads are expensive and maybe hit or miss in their impact.

On the other hand, promotional products in Australia is highly effective when distributed to the right audience. They enable the logo and name of a business to be seen by a wide range of people who will become customers when they recollect the name of the company when they are shopping.

Branded Merch

Branded merch is any product that promotes a brand through messaging, colours, logos, or phrases. One will instantly recognize a brand through such products as a T-shirt with a logo that says ‘Just Do It’ will be immediately associated with the shoe brand Nike, and the latter is an example of great branding.

How To Use Merch for Branding

A consistent marketing strategy is helpful for a business. As such, promotional merch should also have a consistent theme. Promotional merch can be used to build up a brand in the following ways:

● Introduce the business
Promotional T-shirts can even serve as the new business card. Indeed, business cards are useful for brand exposure, but merch leaves a more enduring impact than a piece of paper that may get lost.

A business will stand apart at networking events and conferences with promotional merchandise. People will remember the brand long after the event is over.

Handing out promotional products in Australia for free will boost the brand’s exposure to potential customers. This is highly useful for small businesses because of less burden for costly advertising.

Merch marketing is, in every way, a constant physical reminder of a brand, and it aids in creating that initial connection since it is so recognizable and specific to the brand.

● Ensures brand recognition
Promotional merch is not meant only to be used for special occasions. They are typically items used in the daily lives of customers and employees. Examples include office staples like stickers in reception areas, coffee mugs in the cafeteria, pens and note pads at the work desk etc.

These are the ways to ensure that people connect your business with real-life results such as merchandise. It will help improve overall brand recognition. The more people view colours and logos, the more likely they will remember a company.

● Construct a community
When you’re constantly looking at a piece of merch with a company’s logo on it, it is inevitable to form a connection with the brand; mainly when you use the merch daily. The statistic is that around 50% of people who receive promotional products use them daily.

By using promotional merch, a business can become a trusted brand. It can also become essential to people’s lives, including partners and clients.

● Save money on advertising
Big companies have the money for massive promotional campaigns, but not everyone has the same amount of financial liberty. For start-ups or small companies, promotional merch is a helpful tool that costs only a fraction of the cost of billboard advertisements and such.

Other forms of advertising can be wide-reaching and target various demographics, but merch gives a more personal feel. A business can conduct giveaways on social media, requesting people to follow the brand and offer comments to qualify for promotional merch.

Such social media posts will be helpful in a myriad of ways. Businesses can raise social engagement, bring awareness about fresh merch and draw attention to the brand.

● Attract brand loyalty
Attracting a potential lead and transforming that lead into an authentic customer is the key to every marketing endeavour. Additionally, to become successful and generate momentum for your brand, you must convert such customers into loyal ones. The more loyal the customers are to a brand, the more likely they will bring others to the table.

Loyal customers are generated by handing out promotional merch. As per a survey by Advertising Specialty Institute, over one-third of recipients are more likely to conduct business with an advertiser after receiving a promotional product.

In sum, these are all ways promotional merchandise in Australia can help build up a brand.