How To Use Phonto App From Your Computer Or Laptop

Nowadays, a lot of people are capturing photos or pictures and share them on social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or TikTok. However, most of them aren’t satisfied with the default quality of their camera.

To make the picture more attractive before you upload it to social media, you need to use a photo editing tool. The app called Phonto is one of the most simple and easy to use for creating wonderful pictures.

You might think that this application is expensive, but the truth is, you can use it for free. Even though they have a paid version which basically removes ads, you can still edit and enhance your picture without purchasing it. This application can be download from the Apple Appstore and Google’s Play Store.

In case you are thinking about using the Phonto for PC, you can install it if you use a tool for running android apps into your laptop or computer. This tool is the Android emulator. Although it has an iOS version, we are only going to focus on using the Android emulator app because it is easier to use than the iOS emulator.

Now, to know the details about the requirements of the computer, you can refer below and read the information.

Minimum Requirements Of An Emulator Software

Since this is the only way to use this application on a computer, you need to comply with the system requirements of an emulator before you can use it.

  1. The emulator program requires a fast enough processor. It must capable of running 1 GHz speed or better to fully emulate apps such as the Photo.
  2. Memory is also a crucial thing for emulator programs. It requires an installed 2 GB or more to run it properly.
  3. Ensure that your laptop or computer has plenty of free space before you download the installer of the emulator software.
  4. It requires several software. These are DirectX and OpenGL which can be installed from the graphics drivers, the framework called .Net, and Visual C++ must also install to make sure that the emulator will run smoothly.
  5. Another one is to enable the virtualization in your BIOS. This helps the emulator to run at the highest speed so it won’t lag the Phonto app.

If you do the following, the chances of running the emulator will almost succeed so make sure that you follow it. Now, you can proceed to the installation of an emulator.

How To Download & Install BlueStacks Emulator

The emulator that we recommend using the Phonto app is the BlueStacks emulator. This is free and millions of people are using it. It is also one of the most stable emulators available on the internet.

Just visit the website of BlueStacks to find the installer and then save it to your computer. After that, launch the emulator program from your PC.

Read the terms and conditions and then click the box to agree. You will now be able to click the “Install” button after that. Now, wait for the installation to finish. This usually lasts 20 minutes. Also, make sure you stay connected to the internet.

Now, open the BlueStacks emulator after the installation and then enter the account details when it prompts you. Use your Gmail account to log in.

After that, start looking for the Phonto app from its search box. Find the green button indicating to download and click it. This will start the installation.

When it’s done, you can go back to your website to see the shortcut of the Phonto app. Double click it to start using it on your PC.

Final Thoughts

The emulator program is a great way to run and use exclusive apps for Android or iOS. Even without the official release from the developers, you can still enjoy using it on your computer using this method.

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