How To Use Multiple Snapchat Accounts

Definitely you’re among those searching for how to use multiple snapchat accounts. Well, search no further! This blog post got you covered. With step by step guide, I will teach you how to have multiple Snapchat accounts in one phone. This method works perfectly on android and iOS, you just have to read along to find out.

A lot of people are very anxious to know if it’s possible to have multiple Snapchat accounts in one iPhone or android? Well, having two or more Snapchat accounts isn’t something impossible. Moreover it isn’t against their policy, so it’s not impossible to can multiple accounts.

While a lot of Snapchat users are using the medium to catch cruise, some people are using it to promote their products. Hence, they might need to have multiple accounts, probably as a backup or mainly to promote their products and make sales.

Can I Have Multiple Snapchat Accounts On One Phone?

Just as I said earlier, having multiple Snapchat accounts isn’t something impossible. Hence, the answer is yes” you can have multiple Snapchat accounts. As long as your intentions aren’t to use it for anything illegal, your accounts will be active and running.

Meanwhile, for you to have multiple Snapchat accounts in one iPhone or Android, you need to install a third party app, else’ it might not work. Yes, you heard me right” you need an app to clone the existing Snapchat app’ so that you can open another Snapchat account.

How To Use Multiple Snapchat Accounts

It’s very easy, the methods I’m about to share right now now is applicable to both iPhone and android. Without saying much, I will go ahead and show you how to have 2 snapchat accounts in one phone. You have to read and follow instructions properly;

Install TutuApp

Remember I earlier told you guys that’ you need a third party app to have multiple Snapchat accounts and access them without any stress. Anyways, tutuApp is the number one the champion. It’s available on both iPhone and android, so anyone can download, install and run it up immediately.

As a matter of fact, you can clone as apps as you want” it’s absolutely for free. If you want to use multiple Snapchat accounts, install tutuApp, it will help you clone a snapchat app in one phone.

Using this app is absolutely for free, with zero ads” it has a very nice interface and easy to access. I totally understand that’ you may have not heard about this app or how to get started after installation. Now, let’s quickly take a glance on how to easily install another Snapchat app after downloading this tutuApp.

  • Open the downloaded tutuApp
  • Workaround the app background
  • Search for Snapchat App and download it.
  • If you didn’t see the App, Go to the top side bar and type in “Snapchat”.
  • Hit search, you will see the app” go ahead and download it.
  • Return to the home page and open another Snapchat account.
  • That’s all.

tutuApp is just like apps store/ Google play store. However, the app is currently not on any store. You will have to download as apk file, give access to install in your phone. The app is very safe, it won’t couse any harm to your phone, it’s just every other apps you have downloaded from apps store.

Install Parallel Space App

This is another powerful third party app to clone Snapchat app’ and open multiple accounts. Parallel space have over four million users all over the world, it’s a trusted app that can clone any app on iPhone and android.

So, if you want to have multiple Snapchat accounts, kindly install parallel space app from Google play store and clone your Snapchat App. Then, open another account within few minutes. Follow the guide to clone apps in parallel space;

  • After installing Snapchat App, Open it.
  • Workaround the App background and Navigate Add+
  • Click on it and start Tap on apps you would like to clone in parallel space app.
  • After that, it will automatically appear in the App, now open and create another Snapchat account.
  • That’s all, enjoy.

How To Use Two Snapchat Accounts On One iPhone/ Android

Alternatively, you can have Multiple Snapchat accounts without downloading any third party app. But this method is likely to be stressful and might result to snapchat account ban in future. So, you have to ensure that’ you make the right decision and follow the guidelines as stated here.

  • Open your Snapchat App.
  • Logout from your Current Account.
  • Now open the account App again.
  • Click on “Sign Up” for a new account.
  • Use another Email/Phone Number to open another account.
  • Congratulations, you’re using multiple Snapchat accounts.

Amazing right? I’m glad you have learnt how to use multiple snapchat accounts. Feel free to check our related articles and also don’t forget to give us feedback after trying the above methods.

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