How to Use Mala Beads for Meditation

If you are someone who is into yoga and kinds of stuff then probably you have come across the words “mala” or “Mala Japa”. Originally this was used as a form of religion to pray wherein each bead it is believed that the person will take the name of god. But in yoga mala is used to meditate and control oneself and one’s mind. Today we are going to learn how one can meditate using mala. In yoga, it is just controlling one’s breath and there is no religious intention hidden insight. A mala generally has 108 beads with one big bead which is known as the guru beads.

Why Mala?

Mala is something that is specifically used for mediation but people often find meditation pretty difficult especially in the beginning. Mala here comes to work and helps concentrate. According to the Yoga School in Rishikesh, the constant hand movements in mala helps one keep their mind at one place and grounded. This brings in focus and repeating the yogic mantras each time keeps one on track. These are thus the two ways how mala actually helps one to concentrate and also helps in meditation.

How to use Mala?

Mala can be used in two natural ways one is breathing and the next one is the mantra. All two ways lead to meditation and improve the concentration of one. 

Mala usage through controlling breath:-

  • Hold your mala between your hands in a way that you can swiftly move your hands across.
  • Place two fingers on one bead and the next one on the guru bead. Try to use the thumb and the middle finger as this works better rather than putting the index finger.
  • As you move from one bead to another, inhale and then exhale. The entire process shall be very slow and steady. Try and do this in a silent place.
  • Then slowly move to the next bead and repeat the same process. Continue like this 108 times.
  • One entire round will be completed as you reach the guru bead.
  • If one wishes to do another round then he/she shall move in the opposite direction.

As you do this about 108 times you concentrate on your breathing 108 times and this relaxes the mind and the body. This helps in dealing with any sort of respiratory issue as well as reduces stress, anxiety, pressure, and brings in positive energy to your body.

Mala usage through mantra:-

Mantra mala usage is very simple and one just needs to chant the mantra instead of taking deep breaths. Herewith each moving finger from one bead to another one must chant any mantra they wish to. The most common one is “om” if you wish to chant some phrase or something motivational then that can also be done. You need to whisper and say the mantra in such a manner that you can hear it very clearly yet it is not loud. The mantra should be such which calms your body and soul and as you move your fingers you should keep on repeating the mantra. You will also learn how to use the mala beats if you opt for the 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training in Rishikesh

The mantra that one says motivates the person and slowly and steadily makes him or her only concentrate on that. This way the mediation is followed by and one can do meditation through mala. The 108 times and after that the guru bead should be the way and if you want to do it again then again the opposite side should be taken. The mantra that you choose actually will play a very important role in motivating yourself as well as in filling yourself with positive energy. Thus choose your mantra very wisely and work accordingly.

Final thoughts-

Mediation through mala is an easier format of mediation and this helps in keeping the concentration in in one place. This helps in meditating and that is why today is is a popular choice for many. When one chooses this format he or she should keep in mind that two things will matter the most: one is the mala and the second is the chant. Thus choose your chant and mala very wisely. Chant should be something that actually calms the body and you feel nice as you say it. This can be some quote or caption with which you immediately connect.

Next, the mala should also be such which attracts you the most. There are several types of mala from which you can choose. You need to choose that mala which feels good, maybe a vibrant color which may attract you and makes you happy, and the mala which attracts your soul. Choosing the right mantra followed by a good mala does half of the job. Next, you should be in a very calm and silent space while you meditate, preferably early in the morning among nature. Doing this in the lap of nature enhances the process helping you concentrate more on your meditation.