How to use LinkedIn?


LinkedIn is one of the most influential and effective social media platforms. There are various purposes for using this networking platform. From being in contact with the co-workers to marketing your business, you can perform all the tasks using this platform.  

People may have ambiguities in their mind regarding the use of LinkedIn and they need to clear these effectively. For example, a person may have question in his mind that how to use LinkedIn for business and many other similar questions.

This article will be greatly helpful in answering these questions as it explains the complete method or procedure of using LinkedIn. Here is the way you need to use LinkedIn. Otherwise you can get info at Brandvidual.

Make an effective profile:

The very first step in using the LinkedIn platform is to make an effective profile. Because it is your profile that makes your impression in front of the users. The more professional your profile looks, the more are the chances of your success.

As far as the question is concerned that how to make a professional and effective profile, you can do so by following the simple steps as mentioned below.

First of all, upload a clear image of yours with a professional background or cover photo. Make a catchy headline which tells about your field of work as well as location. After that write down a very precise and to the point summary about your skills or expertise. And avoid sharing extra details.

Build contacts:

After completing the profile successfully what you need to do is build contacts and connections with other people and organizations of your field. LinkedIn allows you to make connections with any person you want to, provided that he has a LinkedIn account.

You also get access to the public information of the person you are connected with and you can also see the connections of the person you are connected with. In this way, there are more opportunities if getting new connections. 

Your new connections are saved in my networks and thus through the chain, you can get connected with a large number of people and organizations.

Start conversations and get recommendations:

In this step you need to make conversations with the people you are connected with. LinkedIn keeps you aware about which one of your  connections is online and which is not. You are also allowed to send private messages. 

You can ask the people out of your connections, whom you have work with, to write down recommendations and endorsements for your work. It will be greatly helpful in making your profile more credible.

Share precise and engaging content:

After getting connected well with the other users, what you need to do is always keep your content relevant, precise and productive. There is no need to add extra or irrelevant details.

LinkedIn gives you access to various advanced features including the sharing of videos, full length articles as well as slide share. In this way you can explain your expertise or you can also share your experience.

Find out new opportunities:

Last but not the least step is to keep searching for new opportunities. For this purpose you can use advanced search options. Thus, you can search for the persons with a specific set of skills and a certain period of experience.

In this way, you can boost the progress of your business, organization or even individually of your skills.

Do you need any Linkedin Services?


As mentioned earlier in the article that LinkedIn helps you in making contact with businessmen, associates, boost your business and many more. Hence, no one can deny the benefits of LinkedIn. 

But, all this can be possible only when you know well how to make an effective LinkedIn profile and how to use it for the betterment of your business. The procedure of using LinkedIn mentioned in this article will give you a complete understanding of how to use this platform effectively.