How to use Facebook for marketing in 2022 – a step-by-step guide

Facebook marketing is a vast field and if you are a business owner who is just starting out then running a complete Facebook marketing campaign along with running your business can seem confusing and too much work but here are 5 or 6 simple steps that you can take to execute the core Facebook marketing strategies that will make the biggest amount of difference in your business. 

Also, in order to make sure that you don’t have to spend too much time understanding all of this is structured like a step-by-step guide that you can easily understand and implement within half a day. 

  1. Create a FB page, get free a spot on google rankings

What is the first exam most important thing when it comes to marketing any new business? When people Google the name of your business they should see your pages on top! That is basic digital reputation in 2022. Executing it is very simple. All you have to do is create a logo a basic creative and a couple of posts and add that to your Facebook page once you do that the Facebook page starts ranking on top of google search for your brand keyword.

  1. Fill out all the fields and connect your WhatsApp number to start getting a few free queries on WhatsApp

There are many fields for adding structured information on your Facebook page things like your vision mission website etc.  One key field is the ability to add a WhatsApp number. If you do then anybody who visits your Facebook page sees the option to connect with you on WhatsApp!

This means people who are searching for relevant stuff on Facebook come across your page and get a chance to get in touch with you on WhatsApp thereby getting you free leads!

  1. Leverage Facebook stories for getting the attention of a huge relevant audience

When you add a post on your Facebook page less than one percent of your audience actually gets a notification but when you add a story on your Facebook Timeline a lot of your contacts and people in your friend list get notification about the story and the visibility of your content instantly takes off. It takes a little bit of practice to get the story format right and in order to sell through Facebook stories, you will need to perfect that format! But it is worth the effort considering the amount of free visibility and marketing that you get from using Facebook stories.

  1. Get your message across,  and make your presence felt in several relevant groups

One of the most underutilized marketing tactics on Facebook Is to engage the members of existing relevant groups by posting good quality content which Can attract the attention of the right audience and give you the chance to convert them into leads on Facebook which you can then capture into CRM.

  1. Network with the right page and group admins  to build a freebie system of Win-Win for both of you

Every business owner knows that your network is your net worth. And even if you have the right system to manage your contacts and leads if you don’t have the right contacts then it doesn’t matter. Posting engaging content in Facebook communities gives you the chance to connect with the admins of relevant groups which can actually supercharge your own business code as long as you are willing to create a Win-Win situation for both parties.

Most of these techniques and strategies that are discussed in this article are organic and do not need you to spend a lot of money! All it takes is the intent to execute and the ability to complete the execution in order to get the right results from Facebook marketing.

Adnan Sarpal

Hey. I am looking forward to inspiring young readers and motivating everyone here to gain knowledge and learn better skills through my blogs.

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