How To Use Dashcams Properly to Make a Road Traffic Accident Claim?

With the day to day betterment and furtherance of technology, more preventative and safer products are manufactured. One of the products falling into this category is commonly known as a dashcam.

With the span of time, dashcams have become increasingly popular for their compound benefits that have made driving a lot easier, causing minimal to no risk to the drivers. A dashcam, as the name says, sits on the dashboard or inside the windshield of your car.

What is a dashcam?

A dashcam serves you by recording the audio and video of the driving journey. It stores any peculiar event that took place during the period of travelling. By these means, it gets easier to observe the driving tactics used by a driver.

If by anyhow any accident takes place, your dashcam helps you to closely observe and foresee how that incident took place, and what mistakes were made by the driver or any side by car.


– Business owners or fleet managers can keep track of their vehicles proficiently.

– The risk of you meeting an accident becomes comparatively lesser.

– Records any misfortune during the travel, so that it can be viewed later on to suspect the unusual event, and settles it.

– By installing the dashboard you can easily get to know, who on the road is at the wrong end, and what possibly caused the accident.

However, in order to get the best out of your dashcams, one should always know to use their dashcams adequately. Listed below are some of the tips you must go through before you install a dashcam in your vehicle.

The Importance of Evidence Provided By Dashcams

The law of many countries does not accept footage made by mobile phone cameras as appropriate evidence because videos can be very easily changed, manipulated, or created these days. However, is the case similar for dashcams?

The courts of the UK accept footages made by dashcams. These footages provide indispensable information that proves to be very helpful while solving cases. There is a rich profusion of cases where the courts sentenced imprisonment to people after relying on the video provided by dashcams. This is why these gadgets hold paramount importance in road accident claims. 

How Dashcams Are Helpful For Road Accident Claims?

Now that we’ve established the working and importance of a dashcam, let’s now shed light on the utility of this gadget in making a road accident claim. Here are some ways where dashcam videos can play a significant role in providing evidence when you’re making a road accident claim. 

  • A Dashcam helps to prove your innocence. If you want to win your case, you need to ensure you have sufficient evidence that proves the other party negligence, and there’s no better way to do that than showing footage recorded by your dashcam. 
  • Shows details of the other car. If the other person hits and run, you don’t have to chase them or contact the police department to catch them. Your dashcam would have recorded all the necessary details.
  • Dashcams also make a person drive carefully. When you know you’re being recorded at all times, you’ll remain cautious. It must be noted that the dashcam footage can also be used against you if you’re the one to cause damage.
  • When you hire an injury lawyer in Edinburgh, they will ask you to provide any piece of evidence you might have to reduce the time it takes to settle the claim. All thanks to dashcams, this will be a lot easier for you. 
  • How to install a dashcam?

    1- Find the best spot:
    As the name says, it is not necessary to adjust the dashcam on your dashboard. Always look for a suitable position that you can clearly view while keeping your eyes on the road. 
  • Adjust the dashcam in a way that it covers most part of your road so you’re aware of every bystander.

    Bulky dashcams are often hard to place, therefore the chosen place must be good enough to carry the weight of the product without causing it to waggle to prevent blurriness in the recorded video.

    2– Setup your dashcam.
    Firstly perch the dashcam into the suction pad in such a way that it is fixed. Moving on, insert the USB port at the end of the car charger to the camera. Connect your car charger into the power socket of your car. After this process is done, your dashcam is ready for the job.

    Adding to it, to make the product more user friendly, you may choose the MENU option, and change the settings accordingly. You can set time and several other features and you’re ready to go.

    3- Storage of recordings.

    One of the main tasks of the dashcam is to record any occasion that took place in the journey. To validate that your product is working accordingly, you can save any part of the ride by clicking on the emergency button that is a single tap away.

    When tapped, the recorded event will automatically be stored in your device, and it cannot be lost until and unless you manually intend to do it.

    4- Keep your windscreen clean:
    What is the purpose of wasting money on a product that isn’t working to provide you with the best? To get the best results of the journey you are taking, you should always keep your windscreen clean.

    Make sure that it is not dusty or contains water particles that make the vision of your dashcam quite unclear. If the driver is taking the vehicle to any unsafe area where the chances of getting crashed become higher, unfortunately, it would not be recorded on the camera, neither you will be able to see the videotape clearly.