How to Use Bulk SMS in Retail Customer Service to Enhance Brand Loyalty

Customer service forms an integral part of any organization, especially in regard to reaching out to the customer. In today’s technologically led world, customer service begins long before your potential client walks into your business premises. This should continue well after they leave, and SMS marketing can help you achieve these goals.

SMS marketing can be quickly integrated into your customer care messaging channels as a powerful strategy for delighting customers.

Using SMS in customer care means applying the current customer-oriented mindset and translating it into a text message. However, before you start strategizing on how to communicate your brand’s message to them, ensure that:

  • They’ve consented to the messaging. You should always ensure that the customer has permitted you to send the SMS marketing texts.
  • They can opt-out. Customers will always feel comfortable knowing they can easily opt out of your marketing messages whenever they want.
  • Only send relevant texts. If your customer opts in to your SMS marketing texts, only send them messages that are relevant to their preferences, or only when the message is about servicing a specific order.

Once that is checked out, you can begin shaping out SMS marketing strategy. While doing so, remember to personalize the content by creating custom fields in your SMS template.

Bulk SMS providers such as Celcom Africa allow you to create a custom field for particulars such as a customer’s first and second name. You can include your product or service name in the custom fields.

Your goal, however, should be to utilize the services of a bulk SMS provider to elevate your customer service experience. Not only does this work great for effective communication, but also it shows that you care enough to reach out to them in a channel they prefer.

That said, you could use SMS in customer care messaging to:

  • Send Text Alerts and Notifications

Customers will always value timely information about product updates, offers, and their favorite items on sale. You can achieve this simply by sending out urgent updates and alerts.

On top of that, you can further delight the customer by personalizing the content. A reputable bulk SMS provider will also allow you to confidently speak with your customer while ensuring they have a simple and secure way of reaching out to you.

  • Manage Appointments

Running a business and taking care of the technical aspects of content marketing can take a toll on you – this is where bulk SMS comes in. You can streamline other business aspects such as appointment bookings to minimize or reduce no-shows through an SMS marketing platform.

You can use SMS to manage inquiries, confirmations, and cancellations through automation. This is an excellent strategy for maintaining a friendly brand face with your customers.

  • Confirm Orders & Deliveries

SMS marketing in customer service guarantees that you provide after-sales service, including order confirmation, shipping status, and order deliveries. This can be done automatically through bulk SMS API gateway integration, which allows you to synchronize with all your devices.

  • Streamline Customer Support

You could also negate or minimize the need for phone support while responding promptly. Celcom Africa’s bulk SMS software includes a 2-way mode of texting for faster feedback with customers.

You can similarly use bulk SMS to deploy text surveys and polls to measure the level of a customer’s satisfaction with your brand.

Make a Lasting Impression on Your Customers – Start Today

Celcom Africa can help your retail business to communicate with your customers faster and more effectively. Most importantly, you can speak directly with your customers more simply and effectively while differentiating your customer service by putting them first.