How to Use Beard Oil and Its Benefits

Not all beards are created equal. With No Shave November almost over, you must have seen a multitude of beards being flaunted around town. Beards come in all shapes and sizes, and each one requires meticulous care with the best beard care products. The line between looking homeless and maintaining a well-groomed appearance is lost on some people. 

The first time you tried to grow a beard, you might have noticed a few things. The hair was fuzzy, growth uneven and the hair tips havingeven split ends. The skin around your neck might have been itchy and dry after your first shave. Do you want a soft, thick and shiny beard? Beard oils are the way to go!

This is the season of celebration – And that means a ton of socializing. With Christmas, New Year’s and a whole line up of upcoming weddings, you need your facial hair to be prim and smooth. Mom-approved beards become a necessity, as you spend a jolly amount of time with family, relatives, and friends. 

Classic beard styles for men for Christmas or New Year’s Eve can be a light stubble, a classy goatee, a full-trimmed beard or even a hipster soul patch. These classic beard styles need to be groomed carefully with the right grooming products for men.

Men’s grooming products can range from beard washes, beard balms, and beard oils. Beard oils can be classified into two general groups based on their functions. Carrier oils are all-natural oils derived from nuts and seeds. 

They moisturize your skin and give your beard hair that soft, silky shine. They also strengthen hair roots. Jojoba oil, sunflower, and grape seed oils are carrier oils. 

Essential oils contain more potent ingredients required to tame, especially wild beards. They combat flaky skin and acne. They are too strong to use on their own, and hence require carrier oils to dilute them. Eucalyptus, sandalwood, and tea flower oils are essential oils.

Benefits of Beard Oils

Premium beard oils sometimes contain Vitamin E, an essential vitamin for hair strength and growth. They can’t be substituted for cologne or perfume, but most beard oils come with strong artificial or natural scents. 

The main function of beard oils is to moisturize the hair and the skin underneath the tangle of hair. It mimics the effects of naturally secreted oil produced by the skin. Dirt and dust cause the skin to dry up and get flaky. Beard oils cleanse irritants and leaves behind healthy skin.

Beardruff: Or beard dandruff is also a common side effect of flaky skin. Beard oil can be instrumental in treating beardruff and also offsetting the effects of weather conditions on the skin. If there’s one thing worse than a gruff, un-groomed beard, it is a patchy one. 

This may be the cause of faulty genetics or follicle damage. Beard oils for men can help repair hair follicles and nourish beard hair roots, leading to even growth. Beard oils make your beard more manageable and thus help style it with more ease. Beard hair can be shaped and woven into any style you desire. 

Armed with a quality beard oil in your grooming kit, impressing your crush just became that much easier!

How to Apply Beard Oil

The quantity of beard oil depends on the amount of facial hair, length and, thickness. If your beard has just started to grow, is brand new, 3 to 4 drops a day should suffice. 

However, if your beard is 2-3 inches long, 6-7 drops a day should do the trick. Anything longer than that would require more beard oil proportionately. Usage also depends on the climate of the place you’re located at. Hot, dry and humid weathers causes frizz really fast, and you may need to apply beard oil more than once a day.

Now comes the fun part; actually applying the oil. After your shower, add a few drops of oil carefully onto the palms of your hand. Be careful to add just the right amount. The skin on your face is warm, and the pores underneath are open and waiting for nourishment. 

Rub your palms softly and apply the oil onto your beard. Make sure the oil reaches the hair root and the skin and doesn’t just sit on the surface. Brush your palms along your chin and cheeks. Make sure your fingers run down the bottom of your jaw as well. Move your fingers to spread the oil evenly across all surfaces. 

After you apply the oil, use a standard beard comb to comb the hair in a single direction. You can even use your hands to style it and curl it the way you want.