How to Use Artificial Intelligence in SEO


As a business owner, the overall priorities remain almost the same irrespective of the kind of business you conduct online, especially when you are selling online. You need to generate ROI for which you need more traffic because the greater the traffic better the chances of clicks followed by conversions. We have come a long way since the inception of the internet, and today, the power of the worldwide web combined with Artificial Intelligence is the way forward. In a day and age when millions and billions of data transmissions are happening every second online — manual work can take you only so far. 

Artificial intelligence SEO is growing and if you conduct your business online, learning how you can leverage the AI tech to boost your search engine ranking and gather more sales is a must. The more you understand AI, the easier it becomes for you to practice a streamlined SEO approach in every aspect of your online presence — from rankings to webpage visits and clicks. Through this article, we try to understand what AI is and how to optimally utilize it to grow your online presence by incorporating it into your SEO strategies starting today! 

What is Artificial Intelligence in SEO?

To understand what Artificial intelligence SEO truly means, you have to be clear about the exact meaning of AI. You must have heard this term tossed around a multitude of times, but today, we dig deeper and try to help you with a thorough meaning of Artificial Intelligence and its association with SEO. 

  • Artificial Intelligence is, as the term dictates, an augmented or made-up intelligence. We, humans, are, as a matter of fact, the most intelligent species in the entire food chain. Now imagine a computer with the ability to make decisions and solve problems like us, humans, that’s what artificial intelligence is all about. AI employs technologies like machine learning and computer technology to learn and understand like a human brain. 
  • The primary motive of AI is to do human work faster than humans making our life, if not completely, but a little bit easy. 
  • From security to web design and manufacturing, AI is being heavily employed in every business sector. 

Now That You know AI, let’s learn about Artificial Intelligence SEO. 

  • Apart from business, Search Engines also rely heavily on AI. From discovering spam to determining which page to rank for what query, there isn’t a person behind the desk doing all that — it’s AI and marketers need to learn about it. 
  • Using AI in SEO everyone from data analysts to SEO strategists can discover the best plan of action for their SEO plan in a faster most efficient manner. No need to look for hundreds of blogs and web pages to determine which is best for a guest post, with artificial intelligence search engine optimization, you get a custom list of backlink buildings websites tailored to your business category, yes — Semrush does it. 

How Artificial Intelligence Is Used in SEO Today

There is not one but multitudes of ways artificial intelligence SEO combines to help an online business grow today. Some prominent ways can be as follows: 

  • Gone are the days when thinking about what keywords to choose in order to entire your users was a worry. Several paid and free tools are available today that are powered by artificial intelligence and help marketers with a detailed narrative of keywords that users are more inclined to use. Considering several factors like your website and type of business, AI can generate a tailored list of keywords that you can employ in your content to enhance your web pages and make them ai seo optimization for your users. In short, keyword research has become easy. 
  • User experience is all that AI-powered search engines a.k.a, all search engines are driven towards. If you fail to provide value through your content, you cannot rank higher. So, it is always necessary to know what people are talking about and what’s trending? With artificial intelligence search engine optimization tools like Google Trends, you can discover what’s trending in your business category and curate content that instantly ranks you better and puts your business in the limelight. Apart from content, you can also plan your content strategies by learning what people are searching and looking for the most. You can add value and build a better relationship with your customers when you answer their questions and stay up to date with their trends. 
  • From thinking about what topic to choose to not being able to write an optimized content piece, the troubles that SEO brings in can be many. Thanks to AI, content curation has become more streamlined. There are several applications like Grammarly that help you write better content and websites like Copyscape that determine the authenticity of your content. After all, even though your content is written better and optimized with keywords, if it is plagiarized search engines will penalize you. So, it’s always a plus to use AI-powered Copyscape that scans your content and within seconds provides you with relevant links from where your content might be plagiarized. 
  • From Google Analytics that helps you with a detailed view of your users — which page they visited, how much time they spent, their bounce rate, source of traffic, and more to tools that conduct a thorough audit of your website, the analytical use of artificial intelligence search engine optimization are also heavy. With so much data, you can comfortably plan your business and make more informed decisions about how to target your audience. 

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Why is AI SEO Important?

The world is changing, and so is the way business is done in today’s time. From local to global, every brand and business has to be online and once online, abide by the norms set by AI integrated Search Engines in order to rank better. If you can’t use AI for SEO, you are doing twice the work for half the result. 

  • AI SEO is an efficient way to make your life easy and your business more streamlined. If you know how your traffic behaves on your website and understand what type of content they prefer the most, you are able to target them better with a customized approach. 
  • When you know the search terms, you are very clear about what you are writing for and the audience your content is serving. Rather than shooting in the dark, you know what kind of audience you want to target and make a keyword strategy that entices them — thanks to Artificial Intelligence. 
  • Duplicacy and privacy, among other issues, are stopped at the beginning making your business more secure and sustainable. 
  • You are able to make changes to your website to enhance user experience and make it more friendly for your kind of user. 
  • You rank better and attract users, which interns help you with more clicks and finally conversions.  


It’s impossible to do SEO without AI in today’s time. From keyword research to website audit and content development, you need AI every step of the way. Hence, the more you learn about it, the better it gets for your online presence. Make better SEO strategies, build user experience-driven content, stay on top of trends, enhance your website, collaborate with analysts to make better business decisions based on user data — the list of useful aspects of AI SEO can belong. So, in what way are you currently using AI in your SEO strategies? If things get difficult, you can always get expert help from SEO specialists.