How To Use An Electronic Brad Nailers?

Electronic Brad Nailer is a modern way instead of using hammers manually. The work becomes lots easy with these electric mailers. They have compressed air systems and air hoses that make the machine work easily. Let us read about Brad Nailers.

What is Brad Nailer?

A Brad Nailer is a tool that is electrically powered and it fires 18 gauge brads. These tools are corded and even cordless. They have an air compression chamber that is connected by electric charge. The brad that comes out is from the chamber discharging. The brads that are loaded are 18 gauge and can max 2 inches long.

Use Of Electronic Brad Nailer

 Brad Nailers can be mainly used for the following works.

  1. It is used to trim around the interior windows and doors
  2. You can install quarter-round and baseboards
  3. For Crown molding
  4. For the cabinet and furniture works

Features of A Electronic Brad Nailer

  1. Air Pressure Dail

This is the feature that adjusts the amount of air that should be expelled whenever the trigger is pressed. The air pressure defined the brads should be how deep.

  1. Depth Gauge:

This is to be adjusted for the distance that should be from the nailer to the work material.

  1. Magazine:

 Here is where you have to load the brad strips

  1. Magzine Lock:

 This is where to have to press to load the gun. Be care full do not to get confused with the lock that is at the end of the magazine. That lock is to clear the magazine from jammed brads.

Step to load and use an Electronic Brad Nailer

Brad Nailer has a different technique to load. Below are writing about some common Steps that are commonly followed in every nailer.

  1. Adjust the Brad Length

 You must make sure that the brads are within the correct range of length. The Electronic Brad Nailer can be loaded with 2” nails if you fill the magazine with bigger ones it will not fire properly. The thickness of the brads is very important. Their tool differences for different gauges like 16 and 18 gauges need different tools.

  1. The Continuity of Strips

Take care that the brad strips do not break apart.

  1. Pushing the brads in

 You must slide the brad strips as forward as you can in the direction where the nails will fire.

  1. Sliding Magazine Shut

You need to vigorously slap the magazine shut. It needs some force to slide it up and lock it.

  1. Adjust the dept

 You must keep the muzzle end at the workpiece. The gun will not fire unless the contact point is not depressed.

  1. Depth adjustment

 You need to adjust the deep as per the project.


 What are Brad Nails Used for?

Brad Nails are used for many different projects like decorative trims, picture frames, shoe moldings, and many other works.

Are Electronic Brad Nailers any good?

Electronic Brad nailer is good for many different kinds of work. Like decorative trims, picture frames, shoe moldings, and some large crown molding and even baseboards.

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We have mentions some commons steps that are in every electronic brad nailer. The brad nailer is used for many different purposes. Remember that the Electronic Brad nailer is not for insulation or plastic sheeting and even for thin materials. For these types of materials, you can use brad guns or fire two staplers. It cannot be used for house framing work.  The work becomes much easier with an Electronic Brad Nailer.