How to Use a Ring Sling Baby Carrier: A Beginner’s Guide

Read this tutorial to find out more about Ring Sling Baby Carrier, whether you don’t know what they are or have been considering getting one but needed more details. This article also provides some useful advice.

You don’t know the first thing about Ring Sling Baby Carrier, woven wraps, or soft structured carriers if you’re anything like I was when I was a new mother.

I want to explain these alternative carrier choices and offer more advice on how to use them. I can honestly say that wearing my baby has improved my parenting.

Here is a list of frequently asked questions concerning Ring Sling Baby Carrier, along with my responses!

A ring sling is what?

It is made from a piece of woven wrap that has been trimmed to a specified length (depending on size).

How does it function?

Therefore, it is likely that your sling will be unthreaded when you receive it, which means the rings will be on top and the end of the sling will dangle freely.

You are now prepared to practice using your sling after threading it. The rings hold the wrap sling so that you may wrap it around your baby’s back up to their neck, creating a hammock-like seat, and then gently tighten it.

Continue reading for Ring Slings Baby Carrier usage advice! As your child grows, there are numerous wonderful options for ring slings for newborns and toddlers, making it simpler for your child.

An unnecessary ring sling baby carrier

Anyone who wishes to transport a baby. Is anyone looking for a small, simple-to-adjust carrier to do a quick errand? Also, someone whose infant or a little child you would love to carry on your hip.

In any case, most parents will want to hold their infant or young child on their hip. Why not use a great, sturdy piece of fabric to assist you and free up your hands as you work?

Do I only need a ring sling baby carrier to carry my infant?

No, and yes. Yes, if your child is a newborn or exceptionally light, all you need is a ring sling. Around six months old, I started putting G in her soft structured carriers as well because they help older babies’ weight be distributed a little more evenly.

However, I continue to use my Ring Slings Baby Carrier as well just for other purposes! Every day, I use three different carriers. A woven wrap, a soft-structured carrier, and a ring sling. You may read more about the various roles that they each play in this article.

How old must the infant be before using a ring sling baby carrier?

It’s crucial to note that each baby sling has a different weight limit depending on the fabric and the child’s age while learning how to use one.

Typically, a reasonable maximum baseline is 35 pounds. A newborn can typically be worn immediately in a Ring Slings Baby Carrier(assuming there are no medical problems – be sure to consult a medical professional before officially wearing your newborn in a sling – just to be safe.)

I often carry my 17-month-old in a ring sling and am still completely at ease doing so. She absolutely adores it.

How do I obtain one?

You may easily purchase a group on, or there are buy, sell, and trade groups on Facebook. That takes me to my next query; that’s where I prefer to purchase ring slings.

What ring slings baby carrier do you prefer?

I’ve owned a good number of Ring Slings Baby Carrier made of various materials. My favorite fabric/type is Baby blend ring slings because of their adorable patterns and unique Tencel substance. Three of the four people who currently reside here are

Which material suits a ring sling baby carrier the best?, as I indicated previously, 100% cotton, or bamboo are the fabrics I suggest. 

Detailed Instructions for Threading a Ring Sling Baby Carrier

  • Find the two rings on your ring sling, then place them over your shoulder with the pointed end towards your front. Bring the cloth down your back, across it, and toward the hip on the other side. As you do this, make careful to maintain the fabric flat.
  • Use one hand to grasp the two rings, and the other to grip the end of the fabric. By doing this, it is prevented from twisting. Bundle the fabric together, working your way up from the bottom rail.
  • Take the fabric and pass it through the rings and beneath. Verify that the fabric is dropping straight down without twisting in any direction.
  • Push all of the fabric through the second ring after opening the first one. The fabric spread out at the rings. Pull the extra fabric down to tighten the sling.

Ring Sling Baby Carrier Use: Three Tips

1. Make a comfortable seat.

You establish a position that is much safer and cozier when you carry your infant in a Ring Slings Baby Carrier with a deep seat. When the infant straightens their legs, the deep seat keeps them from removing the carrier’s “seat.” 

1. Make a comfortable seat.

You establish a position that is much safer and cosier when you carry your infant in a ring sling with a deep seat. When the infant straightens their legs, the deep seat keeps them from removing the carrier’s “seat.”

2. Ensure that the ring sling baby carrier is mostly tightened when you begin.

The illustration below illustrates how to use ring slings with maximum comfort. Make sure to do some study so you are aware of the correct way to thread a ring sling.

Tighten the ring sling carrier fabric in three sections: the top third, middle third, and bottom third to ensure that it is fastened in the ideal location. Start off with the sling snug, leaving just enough room for your child to fit inside. Your Ring Sling Baby Carrier could feel unpleasant if it’s too loose.

3. Verify that the fabric on your back is straight and untwisted.

In order to prevent it from interfering with the seat or the fabric that is strung through the rings, the cloth that crosses your back should be flat and snug on your back.Bonus advice: Take your time learning and practise patience. You will become frustrated, but I can also guarantee that with time and effort, you will become proficient. Be assured! Amazing how-to resources are available on

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