How to use a 3 jaw pulley puller?

There are various types of jaw pulley pullers in the market. Out of the available pullers in the market, you must use three-jaw pullers as it is highly durable. Whenever you buy the jaw pulley puller make sure that the thread of the puller has a thick coating of extreme pressure lubricant. Apart from that, while using the puller it is very important to use the correct size of the puller. If you are not getting the puller of the right size then it is better to choose a little larger size puller instead of the small one.  

Ways to use 3 jaw pulley puller

Once you buy the Hydraulic Pulley Puller you should place it on the object that needs to be pulled. After placing the object you just need to remove the slack from the puller until it is semi-tight. When the puller is kept semi-tight you have to readjust the legs of the puller and make sure that everything is centered on the things that you are pulling. It is advisable not to use the puller at an angle. You also need to use a wrench or ratchet slowly for tightening the screw. You should feel the puller tight in the same way as you hit a brick wall. It is also necessary to spray a little penetrating oil on the parts of the jaw pulley puller. As it is highly difficult to steer the wheel 3-jaw pulley is highly used for steering the wheel. In the steering wheel puller, four slotted holes match with the common two and three spacing for steering the wheel. The hydraulic pulley is also very useful in pulling the steering pumps. For all these reasons pulley is highly used in the garage. 

You also need to spray a part of the hydraulic puller and leave it under the tension before working with it. Along with the hydraulic jaw puller, you can also use a hydraulic jack for pulling heavy materials. Various types of hydraulic jack can be used such as bottle jack, floor jack, toe lift hydraulic jack, etc. The bottle jack is the oldest type of jack and that became popular during the 1990s when the automobile industry started to take off. This type of jack is also called a hand jack. You will be able to lift a vehicle with the help of this type of jack. That is the reason why whenever it comes to lift the vehicle for any purpose such as for roadside inspection or services this type of jack is highly used. This type of jack exactly looks like a milk bottle and this is why it is named so. This type of jack is available in various sizes and it also comes up with various lifting capacities that start from 100 pounds to several tons. 

Both the jack and the pulley are also seen to be used in the automobile industry. Not only that, the hydraulic jack, as well as hydraulic pulley, is also used in the medical industry as well for lifting the patient and hydraulic stretchers. Apart from that, the hydraulic pulley is also used in plumbing and you can also use it in a cable splicer for electrical projects. Moreover, it is also highly used in the warehouse for lifting materials. With the help of a hydraulic pulley, it is also possible to lift heavy loads, and hence it is useful in repairing large agricultural machinery as well as in many construction operations.

How can you choose the right puller?

It is not only the size on which the puller depends you also need the force that is influenced by some factors like aging. That is the reason why it is always better to know the type of work that you need to do before buying or hiring a hydraulic puller or jack. Once you buy the puller it is necessary to combine the cylinder, pumps as well as the other system components. When it comes to buying the hydraulic puller it is always advisable to purchase it from reputed brands. Some of the reputed brands where you will get the best type of hydraulic pullers are Enerpac, Holmatro, Rehobot, etc. Enepac has a wide range of hydraulic pullers and you can get pullers that can lift the weight from 8 to 50 tons. Moreover, you will also get internal and external bearing pullers with a capacity that also ranges from 8 to 50 tons. The best thing about the puller of this company is that it comes up with a Posi lock 

Holmatro is another reputed company where you will get the puller of capacity that ranges from 5 to 30 tons. The best thing about the pulley of this brand is that it is adjustable. The next best brand that is quite popular is Rehobot. The pulley of this brand has a capacity that ranges from 5 to 44 tons. One of the best features of the pulley of this brand is that the pulley of this company comes with self-locking features. This is a very useful feature that every puller must have since it can prevent your pulley from slipping off. 


The pulley is one of the most useful things that is highly used for removing tie rods, pitman arms as well as ballpoints. The best thing about the pulley is that you can split the pulley over the joint and can thread the spindle for the stud and tighten the pulley. Among all the pulleys that are available in the market, the 3-jaw pulley is the most demanding one. With the help of a 3-jaw pulley, you can also remove the gears, wheels hub, and other essential parts. The 2-jaw pulley is also available in the market although it is rarely used. The 2-jaw pulley is used only when the 3-jaw pulley does not fit well. However, this type of pulley is operated in the same manner as that of the 3-jaw pulley.